Adobe Flash Player version 10rc (designated build 569) is live. Go get it. Items to observe about this build:

  • Camera input works a whole lot better (V4L1 and V4L2 cameras both work; V4L2 cameras don’t peg the CPU anymore)
  • Software fullscreen performance is vastly improved
  • Faster, more stable windowless mode (but be sure to use very recent browser builds)
  • SSL now handled through NSS instead of flashsupport-OpenSSL alliance
  • White speckles are gone from video playback
  • Important stability fixes (fewer crashes)
  • Still not 64-bit native, just to get that out of the way

We tested the new NSS stuff on various popular [32-bit] Linux distributions and found that all the necessary libraries are present. If the NSS and cURL libraries are not present (as described in the previous post), Flash Player will refuse to load.