Firefox 3.0.2: The Wmode Fix

Firefox 3.0.2 is now out. Lots of security fixes. But for Linux users, the most interesting item that slipped through is “the wmode fix”– Firefox 3.0.2 fixes the problem of instant, repeatable crashes on a number of windowless-enabled websites. Upgrade quickly, at least for that reason. It’s probably most readily available through your package manager.

Also, I neglected to mention that a new Flash Player release candidate (designated is available for download. You shouldn’t notice much difference with this RC vs. the previous RC. Of course, I expect there will be users for whom this RC changes everything, whether for better or worse. That’s just how it is in this Linux game.


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  1. And still no x86_64 news =(

  2. Mr.doob says:

    Time to turn of the ABP then! I didn’t know it was because the wmode. Thanks for the tip. Good to see that shader bug fixed too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Brendan says:

    The new 10 RC changed everything for the better. Awesome.

  4. Ed says:

    “That’s just how it is in this Linux game.”Your disdain for the platform is palpable. Seriously, I can palp it.*palp**palp* *palp* [ Don’t hate the player; hate the game. -Mike M. ]

  5. haque says:

    The new flash 10 RC is working pretty well with my ubuntu (hardy) installation – P4 2.4 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM.CPU usage while playing youtube and videos is down. Also fullscreen is now actually viewable. My only quip now is that when you switch to fullscreen, the audio and video get unsynchronized. Asides from that, kudos!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Still flaky (technical term) on sites like and I can’t get the right button to show the flash settings. Before, these pages were very sluggish. Its a lot better now, but still flaky.Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008071615 Fedora/3.0.1-1.fc9 Firefox/3.0.1NPAPI Plugins Wrapper 1.1.0,

  7. Calvin says:

    The new Firefox update combined with the new Flash RC2 fixed the last of the problems I was having. I would say this is ready for release. Good work guys, it would be nice if you could provide some more details for x64 though.

  8. Flash 10 crashes a lot for me, but I’m very excited to have the new features in Linux!Here’s hoping the final release is stable! Best of luck.

  9. jarav says:

    With, the player area is blank with some of my remote swfs. On right-click i get the message ‘Movie not loaded’. These swfs work fine when loaded locally. What gives?With Opera 9.51 and Konqueror this problem is not there, however.

  10. ksn says:

    well, you probably know that since it’s only a minor upgrade, but my webcam (that worked before v4l2 introduction) is still not recognized by newer flash/dev/video0 is a V4L2 device named ‘Philips SPC 900NC webcam’/dev/video0 is capable of video capture/dev/video0 is capable of streaming capture/dev/video0 supports ‘Raw Philips Webcam’ (compressed format, V4L2_PIX_FMT_PWC2)/dev/video0 supports ‘4:2:0, planar, Y-Cb-Cr’ (raw format, V4L2_PIX_FMT_YUV420)

  11. Anonymous says:

    cpu usage is still considerably higher than in the windows version, but apart from that the latest rc is working fine in firefox 3.0.2 as well as opera 9.60 (snapshot).now it’s time for releasing this for x86 and x86_64 ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Adam says:

    Seems pretty good except for a couple of issues. On the front page of when I right click on the flash clock in the corner both the flash right click menu and the Firefox right click menu appear, and then the only way to get rid of the flash right click menu is to click on “About Adobe Flash Player 10”. Only one menu should appear I think, and the flash right click menu should go away if I left click on the flash object (like you’d expect a right click menu to do).The other issue I’ve noticed is that the live stream flash object at appears different to how it is displayed in Flash 9. The first screen shot shows it under Flash 9, the second shows it under the latest Flash 10 RC: is using Firefox 3.0.2 from the Ubuntu Hardy repos. [ The double context menu is an Ubuntu problem. They have been made aware of the problem. ]

  13. Josh Tynjala says:

    “when you switch to fullscreen, the audio and video get unsynchronized”I’ve seen this on my Mac as well quite a bit recently.

  14. Mike Kelp says:

    While I find Ed’s comment quite hilarious, I definitely don’t think that comment shows disdain for the platform.I use linux quite a bit and love it for its performance and flexibility to be installed as feature rich or very stripped down, but it suffers from issues that still make it hard to foster a commercial development platform. Mainly, that many distros are totally different even when they use many of the exact same libraries seems to make it very complicated for software to work across many systems.In addition, free & open source is great, but also tends to have the 80 projects with the same purpose, but totally different APIs and totally different portions of a full feature set actually working, making it very hard to develop a piece of software that can depend on any library actually being available every time.These things go with understanding the platform’s strengths and weaknesses.Nonetheless, you guys are doing some great work, though the real celebration will come when it is finally all caught up and many of these obstacles are out of the way for a longer term.Thanks again and rock on.Mike.

  15. Santana says:

    Firefox 3.0.2 + Flash plugin – fullscreen crash (100 percent reproducible) is still here![ Backtrace clipped… ] [ Please file a bug report through normal channels. -Mike M. ]

  16. Dom Delimar says:

    Hmmm…I just experienced a bug […] [ Please file a bug report through normal channels. -Mike M. ]

  17. Michael says:

    After 5 years WMODE actually works! Yay! Crashing has been kept to a minimum and web cams still work.Keep up the decent work, Mike.

  18. Clรกudio da Silveira Pinheiro says:

    Quoting the Fab Four,When I get olderLosing my AIRMany years from now…Will you still need me,Will you still feed me,When I’m sixty-four?

  19. Jeff Cook says:

    I appreciate the work, but I think that it’s sad that Flash is so far behind. To be honest, I cannot wait until someone develops a widespread, suitable replacement for it … maybe a good IDE for stuff.It is ridiculous that you don’t support x86_64; I know that such patches have been delivered for Tamarin.The developer clearly doesn’t like Linux, and I agree that there are many areas (X especially) where improvements could be made, but it’s pretty disappointing that Adobe is so detached.Yeah. I’m trying to keep it short because I could go on about how Flash sucks in general and on Linux for a long time, so here’s the point: Adobe really needs to step it up. Flash is basically a prerequisite for the web and providing such little support (no x86_64, bad performance and bugginess on all platforms) and keeping it closed-source only threatens its dominance. Adobe has to decide to either wise up or crumble; keeping Flash closed-source only makes it a PITA to deal with for everyone, including Adobe itself.

  20. Karl says:

    improvements: after fullscrenn the windowed mode continues to play, alsa mic now works, myspace and facebook videos (, the despicable thieving b*stds) now work.I do however notice that there is a thin white line down the right side of youtube videos when viewed fullscreen.Slackware 12.1HP xw8200NV geforce8600 (proprietary driver)

  21. Karl says:

    ps. I was commenting on the latest beta of flash player am using Firefox

  22. Matt says:

    I’m duly impressed thus far. Between the new RC and Firefox 3.0.2, the usability of sites that use flash for navigation has gotten infinitely better. The speed seems much improved over previous flash 10 betas. I’ve got to do some more testing, but this looks like a release that will cause me to finally leave 9r48 behind. Thanks for all the hard work!

  23. Anonymous says:

    “Of course, I expect there will be users for whom this RC changes everything, whether for better or worse.”It does indeed. Now it’s linked against glibc2.4, which means it will never run on the EeePC. It’s too bad this requirement slipped in.

  24. greg says:

    I just wanted to say thank you, the new Flash 10 RC works very well for me — no crashes (so far) or annoying bugs and performance was greatly improved.I noticed that the software-renderer now uses bilinear filtering for fullscreen output. Considering that, it is quite fast, but a configuration option to force it to use nearest neighbor scaling would be cool for low-end systems, like netbooks.Should I file a bug about it?

  25. oyvind says:

    Cool, it’s really beginning to work great, just like an RC should ๐Ÿ™‚ Crashes are much more rare now, and performance is no longer the huge problem it used to be. Thanks.- Ubuntu Hardy x86- Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; nb-NO; rv: Gecko/2008092510 Ubuntu/8.04 (hardy) Firefox/3.0.3- Flash 10.0 r12.

  26. chodo says:

    Interestingly, one of the things that make the most trouble on Linux is the flash player. That’s just how it is in this Flash game. Other troublemakers are the nvidia driver and fglrx. Do you see the patern? Certainly, OSS and underfinanced CSS-bricolage don’t mix well.

  27. Harkai says: crashes the Minefield nightly versions of Mozilla Firefox if you wanna max. a Flash video.But for the last stable Mozilla Fierfox version 3.0.2 it works very well now.

  28. jarav says:

    Is anyone else having the ‘movie not loaded’ problem? This is in FF, even in FF 3.0.3.In Opera it is fine. [ This is something I would really like more data on. -Mike M. ]

  29. mike says:

    Is anyone else noticing colour graduations on videos, especially youtube. Reminds me of videos playing on a old pocketpc that only supports 4096 colours.Also in 945gm, I am getting quite bad tearing on fullscreen video, so doesn’t look like VSYNC is working.

  30. mike says:

    Just confirming from my last post, downloading the video and playing it in Mplayer, there are no colour graduations.Also the CPU usage difference is dramatic, 26% usage on each core when playing in flashplayer versus just 4% when playing under mplayer. Same video.

  31. jarav says:

    I have no idea what more data I can give you. Here is a link to one such page where I get this error: am using swfobject to embed the swf.It used to work fine until the latest flash version. As I said earlier, it works fine in Opera. [ Reproduced and bug filed. Thanks. -Mike M. ]

  32. PierP says:

    No luck with the new player on latest stable Debian (Etch), as it is linked to glibc 2.4, and you can’t find it here… It was hard enough to make firefox work on this platform (gtk requirements), here comes another challenge I didn’t need.

  33. Jason alavaliant says:

    Unfortunately this latest version doesn’t fix the issue I’ve been seeing with all the 10 prereleases.Namely that video playback works fine initially but after having firefox up for an hour playing video results in one or two seconds worth playing and then the playback stops. I can manually seek and play from another point but no matter what point I play from only a few seconds ever plays before playback freezes again.Playback with 9 works fine. Have tried with a brand new profile no change, have tried both firefox 3.0.2 and the 3.1 alphas with no luck. [ Would you say that the period is always 2 seconds? There’s precedent for that. It’s still a problem, of course, but this is good data. -Mike M. ]

  34. Chad Rodrigue says:

    Wow. Finally, Ubuntu’s got Firefox > 3.0.1 in its repositories. Combined with the new fullscreen optimizations (every compiz-enabled machine I try it on actually has accellerated video!), this player looks awesome.Also, the performance has been much improved with the FF 3.0.3 in the Hardy repositories.’s default flash animations actually seem to run at full speed instead of at 1/4 the speed.In general, I can’t really complain at all about this latest player + FF combo. Everything seems release quality.On a side note, please don’t take to heart the people who keep whining about 64 bit support. I think you’ve already adequately explained why there’s a considerable delay on that, and its not as if there aren’t a series of viable workarounds. I think you’re doing a fantastic job.

  35. maek says:

    This release still suffers from high CPU usage (although it doesn’t bring Firefox to its knees anymore) .. when you go to a website with a high flash content my CPU fan gets a real workout and it isn’t very good.Adobe please work on reducing the CPU usage for the final release as the Windows version doesn’t consume anywhere near the CPU as the Linux version on the same websites.

  36. Chris says:

    Ah, Mike!This is indeed the combination (Firefox 3.0.3 + which has changed everything for me.Wmode work great, an application that we produce at our company finally works properly, performance is better, and generally everything seems to be great for Flash + Linux.Thank you for getting us to a point of being nearly in parity with the Windows version. If you guys can squeeze a little more performance (I’m thinking 30-40%) out of the Flash player, then we may actually be at full performance parity with the Windows version.Thanks again for all of your hard work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Vasily says:

    Are there any plans to fix a long-standing bug that makes it impossible to enter Russian (and I think, some other national) characters in flash? (when typing, instead of letters, misencoded unicode gibberish appears, like “ะ โ„–ะกโ€ ะกั“ะ ั””; thankfully, copy-pasting Russian text into flash works normally)

  38. Thomas says:

    Is there a standalone/debugger version of this?

  39. Ralph says:

    On my Slackware 12.1, Flash Player rc works perfectly with Seamonkey, Netscape Navigator and Opera, but not with Firefox 3.0.2/3.0.3 (it crashes switching to fullscreen)!How is it possible? [ Slackware. That brings back memories. First distro I ever installed. I didn’t know it was still around. -Mike M. ]

  40. Zeus says:

    still high cpu usage on flash content sites Icant even use computer when flash sites opened in firefox 3.02 my cpu 1.86ghz celeron m laptop..

  41. fm says:

    On the flash movie disappeared. It is there with flash 9. [ Reproduced. Bug filed. Thanks. -Mike M. ]

  42. Igor Gomes says:

    Good work Mike and Adobe team. This release solved my problem with webcam that I’ve been waiting.Still with some freezes, but very very sporadically. Its easy to realize the improvements over past RCs.Good work.Igor Gomes

  43. Craig Kelley says:

    Can we get a standalone/debugger version please?

  44. 3po says:

    native x86_64 support ? …

  45. Nish says:

    This build of Flash 10 seems to work great from a performance point of view.But I do see a significant amount of tearing while playing videos than I do on Windows.I’m using Ubuntu, without compiz, with an Nvidia card and graphics accelleration enabled.Great work, thanks!

  46. jjss says:

    Keed the great work!One question: is there any kind of work to get mic input work with OSS and flash? I read that ALSA is supported. It would be great if OSS support would be added in the future. [ OSS support was already subtracted in the past. -Mike M. ]

  47. Jain says:

    Flash player 10 requests support for GTK2 toolkit. I have a Qt based application to play flash files, which throws out incompatible version error. Is there a way that this dependency be removed, or is there a workaround by faking the information.Thanks for the help.

  48. Justin Keogh says:

    What’s the status on x86_64 support? Why no news?

  49. Jason alavaliant says:

    [ Would you say that the period is always 2 seconds? There’s precedent for that. It’s still a problem, of course, but this is good data. -Mike M. ]Yes I just ran did another test and it is always stopping after 2 seconds of playback.

  50. FYI, nspluginwrapper 1.1.2 should fix some of the Flash 10 problems.More details here:

  51. jarav says:

    After installing the debug version of flash player 10, I have obtained the reason for the ‘movie not loaded’ error. It is due to my server setting a Content-Disposition header of ‘attachment’ for flash content. Apparently the movie will get loaded if the the header is set as ‘inline’. Now I don’t have the rights to set the hhtp headers on our server. Is there any way for the flash player to overlook the http header?

  52. rummik says:

    Just got the latest RC and things seem to be going pretty well. So far I’ve been able to browse and watch videos without trouble. Looks like this is finally an improvement over the usual Flash Player 9 Experience.Looks like this Adobe Game is finally moving towards something playable.

  53. Laurens Leemans says:

    @mike (27 sept):Enabling VSync in driconf seems to work, you need to enable the OverrideGPU setting in mms.cfg though (see a couple of posts down).Tried 720p VP6 (8Mbit) video stretched to 1360×768 today on the release standalone player. Without the OverrideGPU setting (purely software) i get between 24 to 27 fps (on a 30fps video). With the OverrideGPU setting off i get the full 30fps.Seems the 945GM isn’t fast enough to handle HD video rescaling.(System is: 1.8Ghz Core2Duo, MSI Fuzzy 945GM2, 512MB mem, only X + metacity + flashplayer running, no Gnome)I’ll try 1080p video tomorrow, but i doubt this system can take it.

  54. Lior says:

    The ‘stopping after 2 seconds of playback’ issue happens to me on Firefox on Windows XP either.

  55. DZ says:

    Concerning Wmode it’s ok with the computer I’m now using! Great news, thanks a lot.But it doesn’t work with an industrial pc I’m using at work.Ubuntu 8.04 Firefox 3.0.3, Flash 10,0,12,36 (the same for previous ones).82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device, in xorg.conf file section “Device” Driver “intel”I really don’t know what could be the problem, if there is a forum where I can discuss about this problem, could you tell me which one? I’ve tried on an ubuntu french forum but nobody knows what I could try.Thanx a lot

  56. penpen says:

    the adobe linux flash-player isn’t an application it is pure sickness!no hardware acceleration at all … pleas get us rid of that!

  57. Gradeanu says:

    Firefox 3.53 on Mac has the same problem .mozilla/firefox wmode=”transparent”My guess is that if a fix for wmode in firefox was possible and then maybe is there something wrong in what I did ?… do you know why do I have this problem ???