Flash Player 10 Is Live

The release version of Flash Player 10 is out there and available for download. Hopefully, it will soon be available from your favorite automated update repository since such package management should resolve the new dependencies needed for Flash Player 10.

Well, that’s really all I have to say at the moment. Release announcements for final Player versions are always a tad anticlimactic since we have already been doing beta and prerelease work for months. Though it should be noted that the Linux download page now hosts .deb packages in addition to .tar.gz and .rpm.

167 Responses to Flash Player 10 Is Live

  1. And the 64 bit version, please?

  2. Stoffe says:

    Great! Thanks for all the hard work and please keep on keeping on! 🙂

  3. Götz Waschk says:

    It seems, windowless mode was removed, it was working in the release candidate 🙁 [ Windowless mode is still there. What browser are you using? -Mike M. ]

  4. Harkai says:

    In the Firefox 3.1 beta 1 this release of the Adobe Player 10 crashes my whole browser when I am trying to maximize a youtube video.But anyway great software.Works well on Firefox 3.0.3 stable.

  5. Laurens Leemans says:

    No changes at all? I use the last beta version (standalone) and it works like a charm. (we’re talking 1100 systems here connected via UMTS, so i only want to update if it’s really necessary)

  6. Michael V. says:

    Oh my God, fullscreen youtube is so nice and smooth! Thank you and congratulations on release.Just have Adobe open-source this and everything will be perfect, but I guess that won’t happen soon 😛

  7. Mr.doob says:

    That is great news!I wonder if the delay on the sound player in Linux is fixed, I’ll try it out later.It would have been great if the intro video was actually real time… a shame :PAnyway… Good work everyone involved! 😀

  8. Michael V. says:

    Well, OK, not quite everything. I can’t scroll the page while my cursor is over a youtube video (which is presumably windowed). This was fixed in Flash 9 under Firefox 3 though.

  9. Robster says:

    Thanks for providing a .deb package, make things much easier for the increasing number of Ubuntu users out there.

  10. Ronan says:

    debian/ubuntu package is great news. Good work!

  11. golem says:

    big THX for the final release. The *.deb version is not online yet. I tried to use alien –scripts to convert a rpm but i doesn` t work out. hope to see the original *.deb soon.

  12. Congrats ! And thanks for all your (and continued !) hard work.A tri-platform simultaneous release is a bonus too, I see the debug builds are also already in place – best release ever 🙂

  13. What are the plans for a 64bit version for Linux?Are there any?When can we get it?Thanks!

  14. Haque says:

    This is great guys! A real, solid update. Flash has never run better for me on this machine- p4 2.4ghz, 1GB ram, Ubuntu 8.04

  15. SurvivalMachine says:

    Thanks for this release! Full screen in YouTube now works when acceleration is enabled.

  16. Optikal says:

    This still contains the v4l2/Flash bug where the camera doesn’t release after being used. After the camera is closed, the entire browser process must be killed, and restarted to release. Solved it using the flashcam v4l-to-v4l2 camera wrapper. Was hoping this would be solved in the final release, but it turns out RC2 ended up being final.

  17. S. H. Muck says:

    Does it support 64bit? I was unable to find that info.

  18. Meneer R says:

    Finally .. deb packages.It’s 2008. You figured it out. More than 60% of the installed-base of linux uses debian package management.And RPM are more used in the corporate environment, where people aren’t even allowed to youtube, etc.Well, that was complicated, was it not?

  19. D says:

    Anything new in this release or is this just the previous RC rebranded into a final release?

  20. transparency… Finally. sigh…thanks guys

  21. Arno Nym says:

    ubuntu 8.04 deb: 404 error

  22. Anon says:

    Yay! Still no x86_64! Thank you Adobe! 🙂

  23. Linux User says:

    Awesome! Congrats on the release.So, does this include 64bit support?

  24. Mauricio Castro says:

    Any word on the AMD64 plugin?

  25. synacktion says:

    neat. so the 64bit binary is where now?

  26. Michael Meier says:

    Again no 64-bit version? This problem is well known for at least three years. While I admit that porting it to 64-bit is probably a little more complicated than just recompiling, I must say that 3 years seem much more than enough time for shipping a 64-bit version. I am disappointed.

  27. the squeaky grease gets the wheel says:

    first: thanks for the news and the download and the deb file!second: why not post a message on the linux download page telling users which dependencies are needed and to advise them to check their distro for a pre-packaged deb to solve these deps if they don’t want to do it on their own?thanks

  28. jjss says:

    That’s great news. Going to test it now.Following a commentary I made in the other post and your answer about OSS mic support. Would be possible to implement it by modifying libflashsupport.c? Or is this depending entirely on the flash build? Since you support Solaris, i guess that OSS support is builtin. Just wondering since there are some OSS users in Linux. Thanks for your time.

  29. Vladimir says:

    Can we please have concrete and current list of dependencies? Because the final rpm has the same problem as rc – no dependencies at all! This is really bad, since package manager doesn’t suck in required deps when flash is installed and people are left wondering what exactly are they missing.Some obvious extra dependencies (that weren’t in flash 9) are libstdc++ > 4.0 and libnss.Curl and openssl dependencies seems to be removed; looks like these librares are dlopen’ed now. Will flash work without them, with certain functionality disabled, or it’ll be completely unfunctional?Thanks for the release, but please, PLEASE, P L E A S E do something about 64-bit version!!

  30. fabrizio says:

    I can’t download, always getting a 404 after selecting the download package.

  31. Tobias says:

    Good job. It became much less problematic through the past months.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Another release and still no 64bit support….For me flash is a bad thing. A bad thing with a good support can be usable, but a bad thing with a bad support is useless.I’ll switch to gnash right now.

  33. Kevin Newman says:

    Great news! Thanks for the .deb file, that made my day.

  34. Jim Ramsay says:

    This is great news, but sadly Adobe still doesn’t properly version the .tar.gz version of the release.It would make things incredibly better for our package manager if the tarball name was named like the rpm with the full version:install_flash_player_10.0.12.36_linux.tar.gzIntsead of just the major version number as is currently used:install_flash_player_10.0.12.36_linux.tar.gz

  35. Dan says:

    Mike, is there any reason that running the new release version of the flashplayer without libcurl.so.3 will just segfault firefox when the older betas would at least let you know that it was unable to load the required library?Either way, for anybody that is trying to run the release version of flashplayer 10, make sure you have a libcurl.so.3 file in your lib folder, and if its not there, a symlink to libcurl.so.4 worked well for me. This solved a mysterious segfault where no additional information was listed.

  36. jon says:

    So far, so good. I’ve been using the RC for the last couple of weeks with almost no problems, and I expect the stable version shouldn’t be much different (running Kubuntu Hardy). Wmode and V4L2 are crucial to a full Flash experience on Linux, and both work very well for me. Memory and CPU usage have not been a problem in any v10 betas or RCs, so this is a good thing. No more freezing Firefox or having a ‘snowy-looking’ picture for me, and the ‘Full-screen’ button on 90% of Flash players now works.Just thought you’d like some positive feed back before the x86_64 people get here 😉

  37. robo says:

    Well, you don’t want to tell us building a version for solaris-sparc is easier than porting it to 64bit do you?

  38. Giao Phan says:

    Where can I find the debug version?

  39. ®om says:

    Is a 64 bits version planned?

  40. this is sad says:

    no 64 bits version ??? nononono u.u

  41. rengar says:

    And the 64 bit version, please?

  42. Leaving x86_64 users in the dark again with the newer version…

  43. Linus Swïck says:

    Where is the 16-bit version? Linux has practically moved entirely to 16-bit, and we will have to leave Adobe in the dust if they can’t keep up with the rapid progress of the open source world. I suppose it’s Gnash for me and everyone else then.

  44. Anonymous says:

    64 bits please

  45. Francisco José says:

    And 64 bits version for Linux?Thanks

  46. Giao Phan says:

    Full screen on youtube gives be a nasty 503 line backtrace and crashes the browser.

  47. darumo says:

    not 64bit version again,¿40 years or more have to wait?,

  48. Vadim P. says:

    “Though it should be noted that the Linux download page now hosts .deb packages”Thank you very, very much. It is greatly appreciated.

  49. Vadim P. says:

    Eh, tiny issue, I don’t have the “adobe-flashplayer” package and it doesn’t say what software source to add. You can also just double-click on a .deb.

  50. Kike says:

    What are you waiting to develop the 64 bit version?? is this just a kidding??

  51. William Bedard says:

    I’m assuming that there must be formidable challenges, indeed, to creating a 64-bit version of your Flash player. That said, I’ll reserve my congratulations for such a time when Adobe is able to surmount said challenges. Their praise will be well & truly earned, then!

  52. Fernando says:

    Version for 64 bits, please.

  53. Anssi Saari says:

    Well, it seems to work fine. I see Adobe’s front page now works as expected.What about performance though? While playing a typical postage stamp sized Youtube video, top shows “xulrunner-stub” taking about 50% of CPU (AMD Turion 2 GHz here). I guess the “hardware acceleration” is working, since it doesn’t change if I enable full screen, but still…

  54. Chris says:

    Link to release notes please.

  55. pepe says:

    64 bits when ??

  56. Miguel Angel Villa G. says:

    FreeBSD and 64bits support…or open the code for the community

  57. Geoff Hill says:

    Great release for OS X.Still eagerly awaiting the 64-bit Linux version.

  58. Marc says:

    People will go to some real extremes to bring up this 64-bit version, lol.Even so far as to ignore the comment posting rules printed below…

  59. Anonymous says:

    I’m on linux, firefox, doesn’t even get loaded by the browser. Nothing in about:plugins

  60. Ignacio Larrain says:

    Great achievement. Wmode, rendering performance, fullscreen playback, etc.Any achievments on 64 bit support?

  61. Jochem Kossen says:

    I don’t quite understand that while it seems 64 bit is the most requested feature, Adobe seems to plain ignore this.Exactly how long has the text in the FAQ “The Adobe Flash Player team is working on support for 64-bit platforms as part of our ongoing commitment to the cross-platform compatibility of Adobe Flash Player. We have not yet announced timing or release dates. ” been there? Must be years.

  62. Nish says:

    Great work! I don’t notice the tearing as much with this release.

  63. Lincoln says:

    Wow, cool, thanks a lot.Even if there are still some rough edges (64 bits anyone ? :p) it’s good to see that you are more and more paying attention to the GNU/Linux platform ! Kudos !

  64. arivero says:

    actually, does it work in a 386? [ Actually, no. The current Flash Player at least needs an MMX-capable CPU to run. -Mike M. ]

  65. andre says:


  66. me says:

    Thanks a _TON_ Adobe, for getting Linux releases done at the same time as other platforms. Super thanks for listening to the requests for a .deb release.For all the questions about 64-bit…http://www.jamesward.com/wordpress/2008/05/16/where-is-64-bit-linux-support-for-flash-player/… which means that if you want it you’re free to help get it.

  67. AX says:

    yeah! now host a deb…. btw, 64 bits please…

  68. Kreuger Burns says:


  69. Zucc says:

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  70. Thomas says:

    This is great. The crashes I had with certain pages is now fixed.

  71. someone says:

    Wow, thanks for all the work you’ve put into this release. alot of things now finally work ^^

  72. RoyFokker says:

    Will the Linux version of flash ever reach performance and speed parity with its Windows counterpart?Even on older hardware on Windows like a 600 mhz cpu with 256 ram, Windows Flash 9 rns very fast. On my system(running Debian Lenny) which has a 1.6ghz cpu and with 1gb ram, flash performance leaves alot to be desired(version 9.0 r124). When listening to youtube videos and scrolling fast in another Opera browser tab, often the audio stutters, performance is noticeably slower compared to even derilect hardware running the Windows version, etc.Is the blog maintainer still the only Adobe developer working on the Linux version?

  73. shirro says:

    Simultaneous release. Deb package for current version of Ubuntu.Damn that was easy.Someone deserves a cold beer

  74. Erik says:

    If there’s never going to be a 64-bit version, please just say so and stop stringing us along. [ We’re such teases, aren’t we? -Mike M. ]

  75. Snelius says:

    FreeBSD is not supported again ? 🙁

  76. Is is just me, or Flash 10 is not accelerated very well?Ubuntu 7.10, Intel Core2 Duo 2.00GHz, NVidia Quadro NVS 140M, driver nvidia-glx-new 100.14.19I went to vimeo.com and played a few HD movies in full screen. It’s kind of slow. This system should be able to play 720p.

  77. John says:

    Hey Adobe, where is 8 bits version? I have a Spectrum.

  78. Anon says:

    “We, the computing public, demand our 16 bits of, er, data! We have gone for too long with these missing bits and the time has arrived to demand them!”

  79. Gazpa says:

    64 bits….Or free the source and we’ll compile it for 64 bits 😉

  80. Götz Waschk says:

    This is on RHEL5 with the included firefox 3.0.2. The adobe.com site looks like this:http://www-zeuthen.desy.de/~waschk/adobe.com.png [ Maybe try a browser that also supports wmode (windowless mode requires buy-in from both plugin and browser). -Mike M. ]

  81. Crank says:

    Where is 64bit version?

  82. Happy Gnash user here.

  83. elbenditu says:

    Wow! what an improvement. I run an old CPU and videos run smoothly for the first time in years. Congratulations for this and many other issues you’ve solved. Only if GPL were into consideration that would be a smart move.Well done!

  84. D says:

    Is there an actual changelog or is this just the last RC repackaged?

  85. Valeriy Malov says:

    No 64-bit?

  86. oyvind says:

    Congratulations and thank you. Flash Player 10 works very well for me.Just one question: Should I still override GPU/OpenGL validation using /etc/adobe/mms.cfg ? I think my graphics hardware+driver is capable, and I don’t use Compiz.glxinfo here: http://folk.uio.no/oyvinst/glxinfo.txtDriver is newest Catalyst 8.10/fglrx and graphics card is an ATI X1400 radeon mobile with 128MB RAM.Ubunty Hardy x86, Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; nb-NO; rv: Gecko/2008092510 Ubuntu/8.04 (hardy) Firefox/3.0.3

  87. Chad Rodrigue says:

    Fantastic. Thanks a million.Disappointed there isn’t a 4-bit version that works on my wristwatch, but I imagine I’ll find a way to get over that.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Thank you adobe!I would actually also like a 64 bit linux verision, and find it a little lame not th have that for Linux in 2008. But still, nspluginwrapper is working quite ok.Also having the latest version available for Linux like this is a huge improvement compared to a few years back. So it is a little sad to see many that just complain.

  89. Andy Crook says:

    wmode is not working :(Gentoo Linux, FF 3.0.3BTW, it was not working since RC + FF 3.0.2 for mesad…

  90. Martin Bretschneider says:

    Hi,you talk about repositories and package management. If I go to http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash&P2_Platform=Linux , there should be a deb and an “apt” Ubuntu, but they are not downloadable. Do you have really created repositorie for apt- and rpm-based distributions? That would be very nice. I hope that normal Debian does also work…

  91. rummik says:

    Works well, almost release worthy even. Still has some memory leaks that seep through when viewing Flash apps that consume a lot of ram. Only way to fix it is to kill the browser.Anyway, I’d ask for a 2-bit version, but Flash Player 9 is already there.

  92. Ari says:

    I have to ask about the 1-bit version.Hopefully before that you will release the so-much-requested 64 bit version…

  93. Ray says:

    Flash Player 10 conflicts with Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Enterprise 6.When someone tries to launch a meeting, it says that “Adobe Acrobat Connect requires Flash Player 6.0.65 or newer.”Downgrading back to version 9 fixes this problem.Can the team at Adobe fix this problem?Thanks for reading!

  94. Mike says:

    Is audio weird for anyone else? I visit beatport.com regularly and since installing 10, there’s kindof a distorted sound when the sample starts and when you seek around. I can’t reproduce this with 9…

  95. kenneth topp says:

    Could all the ppl that love 64 bits purity explain why they believe wasting electricity on all that extra ram is worth it?Is there some website that looks better > 4gb ram?Or is there some javascript jit that somehow is much faster in 64bit mode?

  96. Wow, Flash 10 crashes Firefox if you’re running the 32 bit browser on a 64 bit distribution.With Flash 9, it was possible to install 32 bit Firefox and some 32 bit libraries on a 64 bit distro, and then install 32 bit Flash and Java and it would all work just fine.I have this setup, 32 bit FF3 on 64 bit Ubuntu, and Flash 9 worked fine.https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AMD64/FirefoxAndPlugins#32bitBut now with Flash 10, Firefox crashes immediately when accessing a Flash site.

  97. Stefano says:

    I and other people can’t use the new plugin version under Ubuntu Hardy 8.04, please help us there:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5980936#post5980936Thanks

  98. jarav says:

    Noticeable improvement in speed. Almost as good as the Windows version.

  99. kirk says:

    64 bits please.

  100. hug yourself today says:

    In one day of using the new version, I haven’t noticed any crashes (so far), which is quite delightful, thank you.Also, I’m now able to scroll through large pages of embedded flash players without a freeze/crash, this is also very nice, thank you.Seeking within the runtime of videos seems much smoother and switching from full screen to normal size and back is quick, without the lag I experienced in version 9.So far, this release is the best yet, IMO.

  101. zeroday says:

    hey adobe gives them a 128bit linux plugin so they won’t bother you again :DLightroom rocks!!

  102. maek says:

    Well there is still very high CPU usage on Flash heavy sites (which makes some Flash games unsuable or very very slow) Also the bug where the Flash player does not inform the screensaver to halt activating while watching fullscreen video is STILL there .. the screensaver causes the fullscreen to deactivate.But I say that I haven’t had a crash with this version which is pretty good.

  103. George K says:

    Just wondering, exactly how many 1337 points does one loose for every 32bit app they run on their uber advanced 64bit OS.It must be a lot because I can’t for the life of me think of any other reason why anyone would care weather flash was 32 or 64 bits.

  104. Joe C says:

    32bit software requires a whole set of 32bit libraries to be loaded.What this means is extra hdd space, cpu time, and ram used. On top of all that, it may not necessarily work all the time. So it’s not about losing 1337 points, it’s about having stable software.64bit OSes aren’t even that far ahead in terms of technology. Vista has options for it, and even XP had it, too. (Although XP had horrible driver support).Reason you don’t see much clamoring for it on the windows side is because a lot of proprietary software still hasn’t moved to 64bits, so there’s still 32bit compat modes. Heck, even the default browser is 32bit IE, because, guess what, flash isn’t 64bits in windows either. 64bit IE is there, but no one uses it, because in this age of flash proliferation, you’d be crippled without it.That being said, 64bit has advantages over 32bit because of RAM limits, and because 64bit theoretically processes information faster, mainly because it can address more memory at once (I’m not talking about RAM).On top of that, software is starting to require 64bits just because so much RAM is required. Running virtual machines, database applications, and even some games require a lot of working memory in order to operate efficiently (unless you want hard drive grind from pagefile access)On top of all that, machines running vista require recommended 2gb or RAM (not even counting what the software will require), and seeing as machines come with vista nowadays, it’s not unsurprising to see high values of RAM in these machines which people buy then format (or dual boot) with linux.

  105. bounty says:

    much better cpu usage, but instant crash when trying fullscreen on youtube…(ff3.0.3, nvidia closed drivers, 2.6.26 kernel debian testing)

  106. Albert Sanchez says:

    I’m totally surprised about the fact that Adobe is IGNORING OLIMPICALLY the pettition to compile a 64-bit version.But, worse, is the people that thinks it’s a stupidity to yell for a 64-bit AMD64 version. Having a 32-bit plugin in a 64-bit environment only makes the hard disk to have 32-bit libraries only for Flash. I think this can be called “stupidity”. Moreover, almost any processor built by Intel or AMD has 64-bit extensions. I’m sorry if M$ can’t have a stable 64-bit OS yet, but Linux is stable in 64 bits since the Alpha years (1997!).Ah, for the people that’s talking BS about the fact that Vista-64 requires 2GB and Vista-32 requires “only” 1GB, please don’t compare this poor’s man OS with Linux, and, please test a 64-bit Linux and ONLY after that, comment about it! I have machines with AMD64-based Linux (Debian etch and lenny) since roughly TWO years ago, and this machines works PERFECTLY with 1GB of RAM. Linux IS NOT Windows, so stop compare apples with oranges.

  107. Here are my thoughts about 64-bit Flash support.I don’t think porting Tamarin is enough. Anyway, doing so should not require much time with someone dedicated to it. Porting the assembler to x86_64 and making things compile is a one day and a half task. I actually did it for testing more than a year ago. Next, you have to make sure things work correctly. Since there is a testsuite, this shouldn’t take more than a week or two. I didn’t do this since I only wanted to know how far could we get in one day or so.I will even say that getting a 64-bit Flash Player is not a technical problem but rather a political one, or a will to do so. i.e. Adobe won’t do so for Linux/x86_64 only, but for MacOS X and Windows too. There is no 64-bit Safari yet, and only Leopard started to get correct 64-bit userland “recently”. There is a 64-bit IE for Windows but I don’t think it was widely used either. Should Apple or Microsoft had provided native 64-bit browsers by default, 64-bit Flash would have existed for a long time. That’s the reality, IMHO. Providing only Linux/x86_64 players wouldn’t be “fair” business.PS: I didn’t write an x86_64 run-time assembler in one day, but rather ported Tamarin to use the one I wrote(extended) years ago. Yes, I cheated. 😉 That assembler is now LGPL and integrated into GNU Lightning (GIT tree). BTW, GNU Lightning could also be an interesting library if you want to port low-level VM, or at least use its assemblers for full ISA support. If you start a new VM, you’d probably better start off LLVM.

  108. MarkH says:

    I’d rather have a 64 bits version of Flash Player 9 (or even 8!) than this 32 bit only version!

  109. Mike says:

    Crashes when I go fullscreen on youtube with firefox 3.1b1. 9 is ok..

  110. Gravis says:

    Mike, where does the linux flash player go from here, what are you working on? Are you going strait on to port the impending flash 11, make a freebsd port or perhaps work on quieting the vocal 64-bit crowd (I’m in it)?Currently, I cant use the v10 release because of the libnss dependency.

  111. Alex says:

    Hi,Just wanted to thank Mike and everyone else at Adobe involved in supporting Flash on Linux.Flash 10 runs better than ever. Keep up the great work guys!Thanks,Alex

  112. Pierre says:

    Download for Ubuntu is still broken…

  113. Tim Reynolds says:

    You people don’t deserve a 64 bit version. Seriously. It will probably come in time, but it isn’t as simple a compiler flag. All you people with the sour attitudes may not even know what I mean by that. Be happy that we have a version 10 flash player at release time for the other operating systems.He has already posted that work is being done on the 64 bit version. What would you rather have? Both/All versions delayed till the 64 bit version is done? Or just get the 32 for now and the 64 when it is done.Honestly.Complaining constantly isn’t going to help anything, in fact it will probably hurt. Demoralize the developers, just go ahead. I mean, you people probably saw the 30+ posts about a 64 bit version before you typed the exact same comment in, right? I am sure one more post will do the trick! …

  114. Ralph says:

    To avoid the fullscreen crash, you must uncheck “enable hardware acceleration”.

  115. MarkH says:

    @Pierre: You are right that complaining probably doesn’t help. But each and every open source project has 64 bits support for YEARS. If the whole world can do it it shouldn’t be a problem at all for the professional Adobe developers. It is obvious that it isn’t a priority at all for Adobe. People have the good right to complain about that! Besides it is a good thing that Adobe knows there’s a lot of frustration about the lack of 64 bits support. It may not help the developers, but when more and more people complain Adobe will maybe give 64 bits support a slightly higher priority. Maybe…

  116. Vadim P. says:

    The APT: links works correctly on Ubuntu 8.10, adobe flash player is in canonical’s partner repository (though that is disabled by default. should put it into instructions how to enable them: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20Canonical%20Partner%20Repositories)

  117. narma says:

    64 bit, so hard ?

  118. Elez J. Shenhar says:

    When playing flash games that require a lot of mouse-clicks, I notice that the game is getting VERY VERY slow the more I click the mouse.Is that a flash bug or an X bug? If it’s a flash bug, is it known?

  119. George K says:

    So in response to the people who answered my rhetorical question about the benefits of 64bit, can you tell me how much extra HD space it uses as well as the amount of ram used up by all those 32bit lib’s?BTW, I’m running Vista64 w/ 6g of ram and I couldn’t care less if I was running a 32 or 64 bit browser.

  120. jigorou3 says:

    Thanks release!But, my seamonkey-1.1.12 always crashes with flash_plug-in ver.10 when accessing web-page that contains swf…(my environment is latest fedora-development)With plug-in ver.9, it works fine.And, standalone-player ver.10 works fine.

  121. The fullscreen crash is effecting me in both FireFox 3 + and IE 6 +.My Flex app keeps freezing the browser on fullscreen when hardware acceleration is enabled. This is nasty behaviour as it is the default setting for FP10.What’s the story?

  122. Jeffro says:

    Fullscreen isn’t working properly in Firefox 3.0.3, Opera 9.60, or Konqueror (KDE 4.1.2). It’s not crashing or anything, but the video shows up the same size as before the fullscreen, and the rest of the screen is blanked out (either black or white). This is on two Archlinux i686 machines (so, no, it’s not a “32-bit runtime in a 64-bit OS” issue).

  123. JK Wood says:

    @Elez:Let’s put it this way… I use Slamd64, which is BY DESIGN a multilib system. I have spent HOURS trying to get Flash 10 to work, by moving over libraries from Slackware. And I STILL can’t get it to work.Now, this is less of an issue on, say, Ubuntu where you can apt-get everything AND the kitchen sink. But for now, it’s looking like I need to create an entire 32-bit chroot to run this plugin… and I’m not particularly interested in that idea.Note that I’m a coder, a packager, and a developer, and if *I* can’t be bothered to finish the job, then what about Joe Schmoe who just wants to use his company’s website on his computer?The issue in my case is not the disk space, nor the ram. It’s wasting MY time tracking down libraries one by one, either by using ldd or strings or the internet. THAT’S my objection, and why I’m going to throw my hat in on the Tamarin project in an attempt to move things along.

  124. George K says:

    @JK WoodI realize getting 32 bit apps to work can sometimes be a pain but I find it hard to blame Adobe for this issue because the issue isn’t inherent in all 64bit distros and OSes.

  125. Any chance you’ll offer a package for the LPAI architecture (used on netbooks, like the Dell Mini)? [ I assume you are referring to the Levin . Porter . Associates . Inc. architecture firm of Dayton, Ohio? That’s all that Google seems to know about LPAI architecture. -Mike M. ]

  126. Autocow says:

    I just noticed this! Upgraded to it from v10beta2 on my Eee 900, but whereas beta2 did work, this one doesn’t!! :(Opera and Firefox don’t even acknowledge the plugin exists! [ What does ‘ld’ report when you run it against libflashplayer.so? -Mike M. ]

  127. Autocow says:

    Assuming you mean ldd…http://pastebin.com/m1c7916b9and /lib/libc.so.6http://pastebin.com/m53ee2c8d(NB: Both set to expire in a month)I tried symlinking some of the files (In /usr/lib, the missing libs exist but for instance libsmime3.so is /usr/lib/libsmime3.so.0d) which solves the missing deps, but I can’t do anything about the GLIBC error 🙁 ) [ No, I meant ‘ld’ (assuming you have dev tools). If you run ld against a library, it will warn you about libraries that the library needs which are missing from your system.But, ‘ldd’ will get you there too. Notice the libs in your list that don’t go anywhere, such as libnss3 and libnspr4? That’s why the plugin won’t load. -Mike M. ]

  128. Autocow says:

    Just to repeat, this is on an Eee 900, running the default Xandros – It doesn’t have any dev tools at all on it.Flash 10 will not work on it ‘out o the box’, so to speak. I can kludge the deps – As I said above, the deps are on the Eee, just not named as Flash 10 wants.From your example:libnss3.so is on the Eee as /usr/lib/libnss3.so.0dand libnspr4.so is on the Eee as /usr/lib/libnspr4.so.0dThis symlink kludging I have done (http://pastebin.com/mb9e5afb), but the bigger problem is the GLIBC error – This is not something I can change on the Eee (If I did, I’d basically be rebuilding the whole laptop, LFS-style).Yeesh… I don’t envy your task; I thought DLLhell in Windows was bad!!Maybe I should bite the bullet and put Gentoo on this thing ‘eh? 😛

  129. Trey says:

    The best flash release so far (I was still using 9r48), your work is appreciated.

  130. Jesper says:

    While it is true that complaining isn’t getting us anywhere nearer a x86_64 release of the Flash plugin, I would say that the more people that actually posts their concern about lack of same should wake Adobe (that is if they even reads this) and make their put a lot more effort in to making the plugin for the 64 bit platform(s), I am as you and many other people tired of having to mix x86 packages with x86_64 when we are trying to run a native 64 bit system.In the end, don’t complain, eer well do complain or stress your concern, but do it in a nice way. It doesn’t help to disencourage Adobe, it’s a matter if getting them convinced that we are many that waits.. impatiently as I am I ain’t going to raise hell on them.If you can’t wait for FP.x86_64 use gnash just like you use the open jre IcedTea for Java..I am not here to offend any one and as I said before I rather have Adobes FP than gnash and Suns Java instead of IcedTea._Jesper

  131. haha,sorry– I meant lpia.uname -a on my Dell Inspiron Mini 9 (that came with Ubuntu preinstalled):Linux theross 2.6.24-19-lpia #1 SMP Tue Jul 29 14:02:05 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/LinuxInstalling the Flash 10 .deb fails with “Error: Wrong architecture ‘i386’.”.

  132. ArmEagle says:

    Flash10 locks up my Firefox 3.0.3 (also in safe-mode, with Flash being the only plugin) whenever I visit a site that has Flash content (quite fancy in normal mode since I thought that FlashBlock would go first).As requested for someone else my ldd of the flash lib (as the pastebin shows, ld didn’t work).http://pastebin.com/m4643a996Running a downloaded firefox3.0 tarball (32bit, that was upgraded to 3.0.3 over time) on Fedora 9 x86_64.

  133. Scott says:

    I have a weird issue on my Mandriva 2009 box (FF 3.0.3) where a video will start playing and then stop 1-5 seconds into it and the flash content is just gone from the page.A reload will start it over and sometimes it runs for the whole movie and sometimes not.It doesn’t seem to affect non-video flash, but it does affect sites like youtube, funnyordie, and hulu.I think some backend process must be crashing but I don’t know where to begin the debugging process.Please advise.

  134. tgzuke says:

    To everyone who is having difficulty with frequent crashes, I found that deleting the flashplayer.xpt file from my ~/.mozilla/plugins folder helped me.

  135. Matt says:

    Dear Adobe,I would really appreciate it if you released a x86_64 version of at least future releases. If possible a version of Flash 10 would also be lovely since I am having major issues using the 32bit version on my 64bit Fedora 9 install. I could go into the details, but there’s no point in doing that.As said, I and many others would greatly appreciate it.Regards,Matt

  136. ubitux says:

    We are waiting for an official open source player, or at least a build in 64 bits for years…Listen a bit customers. The flash player IS THE ONLY THING I CAN’T USE IN 64 BITS. *Everything else* is perfectly working…And I’m not talking about lag with stronger CPU, and issues with pulse audio, etc. Things that we don’t have to care with other open source applications.Even NVIDIA who produces a driver (which is more low level technology), is able to distribute a 64 bits driver.Remember. FLASH IS NOT PORTABLE. Not working on 64 bits. Not working on ARM. Not working on BSD. Damn, what are you waiting for ?Do you think your technology sucks to much to show it to the world ?

  137. ubitux says:

    (sorry, Flash works on ARM…)

  138. David says:

    Why is it so unstable? Some times it just kill my webrowser (firefox 3.0)

  139. Cav says:

    x86_64 bit please?????

  140. randuev says:

    Mike, what is the status of unicode bug in flash player? What’s the milestone for fixing this one?I am referring to http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-40 and few more duplicates.

  141. mike H says:

    jeez I had this working fine- now you have to have a lousy vers 10 that doesn’t work with a 64bit AMD Ubuntu 8.04 version. So I cant watch THE DAILY SHOW>DAMN YOU ADOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Paul says:

    And what about PowerPC version? Is it still too hard just to build it for Adobe?

  143. Michelle says:

    Not getting a 64 bit version with Ver. 10 is unbelievable!!!! With all of the Vista and other systems out there now and sites trying to move to 64 bits, cannot believe they still have not provided it. Using a 32 bit bowser is a pain.

  144. V'yacheslav says:

    Hi Mike,I’d like to say thanks for the release and especially for v4l2 support — my uvc camera now works like a charm. The only thing I dislike is the speed of the player. I do a project based on flash and would like to run it from a 500 MHz linux touchscreen pc. I conducted some testing and found out that the windows version of the player (loaded under wine) runs about twice as fast as the native standalone linux player. Why is that?Best regards, and keep on flashin’!

  145. mvn says:

    Flash player 10 suppose that I’m using a gtk browser. Try to use it on Arora, for example, and the plugin doesn’t work. It works on Opera because opera emulates gtk.

  146. Fibonacci says:

    Amazing. The sound bug that I’ve been reporting since Flash 7 IIRC, is still there.Thank you, Flash for GNU/Linux team.

  147. arl says:

    x86_64 i.e. 64 bit version?

  148. tiger in the woods says:

    Can you please make 64 bit comments off-topic, and/or specify they should be made at the Adobe discussion forums area?I would like to leave feedback here and read about feedback about the latest releases without scrolling down a long page of similar questions and comments regarding a potential 64 bit version.I’m aware there is a great demand for a 64 bit version, just as there is for open sourcing Flash, but really, are all of these 64 bit comments really adding anything to the comments here?

  149. Marko says:

    Just curious: are you at least working on a 64 bits version?

  150. BradB says:

    get off your ass adobe! the people need a 64 bit version! or OPEN SOURCE flash already !damn!

  151. Harri says:

    Waiting anxiously for 64bit-version…

  152. waterminer says:

    Any plans to to improve the stability under Opera?

  153. Nille says:

    Hi i found an page where i think wmode doesn’t work.http://www.aikfotboll.se/Sidor/Start.aspxIf you have the mouse over the menu “BILJETTER” then the menu is behind the ad for AIKShop.se [ reproduced. -Mike M. ]

  154. Carlitus says:

    LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library /opt/firefox/plugins/libflashpla yer.so [/lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.4′ not found (required by /opt/firefox/plugins/libflashplayer.so)]in debian ethc 4.0 🙁 and doesn’t work 🙁

  155. Anonymous says:

    on linux AMD 64 bit:LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so [/lib/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.4′ not found (required by /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so)]BTW: Upgrade of system to newer glibc not possible ([new] “kernel too big, overlaps lilo 2nd stage”)==> still no flash 🙁

  156. Anonymous says:

    for linux AMD 64 bit:I wonder if you really need `GLIBC_2.4′ or if it just slipped in by mistake.I bet, GLIBC 2.3 would be fine. If so, please compile again against 2.3 [ No, GLIBC 2.3 is not adequate. Flash Player 10 requires 2.4. This was an explicit decision. -Mike M. ]

  157. Santa Claus says:

    Greetings, It is quite brilliant that there is NO 64 bit flash player available in the 64bit IE. No more annoying flashing adverts at most every URL.God Bless & Merry Christmas!

  158. Ressor says:

    I’ve tried flash two differnt hardware platforms with two different capture cards and it locks up everytime when the “Allow access to the camera and mic” popup displays. Clicking on “Allow” does nothing. I’m running FireFox on puppy linux with the kernel.Any ideas?

  159. Ressor says:

    I should also mention that the installer is not detecting the correct version of glibc on my system and complains that it is not up to the required level.Kernel of puppy linux

  160. Cope57 says:

    Been using Debian Linux AMD 64 since 2003, and I am still waiting on flash…Maybe sometime soon they will have a release?

  161. MSXManiac says:

    Still waiting for a nobit version os Flash Player…What we, caveman, do if we don’t run flash in our stoneputers to see in our Solid Rock Display any stone…We, the cavemans still waiting for a ziollion of years…kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  162. Charles Bougard says:

    Hi Adobe,I wanna download some stuff and watch video’s on youtube but unfortunetaly it says that Flash Player can’t run on a 64-bit! It gives me a description of; the issue; the reason and the solution but no procedure! It says that I need to run it on a 32-bit but as I said earlier it DOES NOT GIVE ME A PROCEDURE TO FOLLOW! This is really pissing me off! PLZ HELP ME!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:

  163. seffaf says:

    WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT? MAKE FLASH PLAYER 64 BIT version !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. WTF says:

    what the fucking hell with amd64 installer.

  165. Sean Blanton says:

    I don’t buy products from companies that don’t support linux (well, like 64 bit). Linux saves me a lot of money, I can go elsewhere…

  166. jon-kev says:

    can you tell me why IS IT SO HARD to produce a plugin that does not crash SEVERAL TIMES A DAY ?!!!!!!!!!!! (linux mint fresh install, also Fedora 10, ubuntu ibex, latest suse….)THAT IS A SHAME [ You just answered your own question. -Mike M. ]