Now Supporting 16 Exabytes

We are pleased to announce that there is now a version of the Flash Player for Linux that supports 16 theoretical exabytes of physical memory. This technological feat is accomplished using a bleeding edge type of processor known as a 64-bit CPU.


Pictured: the next big thing– an 80-bit CPU
; but 64 bits will have to do for now

So we have this x86-64 version of the Linux Flash Player available for those Linux users who have moved on to fully 64-bit computing environments. Go get it now on Labs. Be advised that this is pre-release quality. We hope to receive useful feedback about what areas need to be improved. You can help. You can report bugs at the Flash Player bug tracker. Hey, it gets results– the 64-bit issue is approaching resolution. Or you can try the customary drive-by bug report in the comments section (“I tried it on XYZ distro and it didn’t work!”) which is almost guaranteed to help no one.

I feel a bit sentimental about it all. It’s weird, but I think I’m going to miss the hundreds of comments on every post gently requesting a 64-bit version. So don’t be afraid to pop in with a “64-BIT NOW!!!1!!” comment every so often, you know, just for old time’s sake.