Now Supporting 16 Exabytes

We are pleased to announce that there is now a version of the Flash Player for Linux that supports 16 theoretical exabytes of physical memory. This technological feat is accomplished using a bleeding edge type of processor known as a 64-bit CPU.


Pictured: the next big thing– an 80-bit CPU
; but 64 bits will have to do for now

So we have this x86-64 version of the Linux Flash Player available for those Linux users who have moved on to fully 64-bit computing environments. Go get it now on Labs. Be advised that this is pre-release quality. We hope to receive useful feedback about what areas need to be improved. You can help. You can report bugs at the Flash Player bug tracker. Hey, it gets results– the 64-bit issue is approaching resolution. Or you can try the customary drive-by bug report in the comments section (“I tried it on XYZ distro and it didn’t work!”) which is almost guaranteed to help no one.

I feel a bit sentimental about it all. It’s weird, but I think I’m going to miss the hundreds of comments on every post gently requesting a 64-bit version. So don’t be afraid to pop in with a “64-BIT NOW!!!1!!” comment every so often, you know, just for old time’s sake.

302 Responses to Now Supporting 16 Exabytes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Listen, that’s great and all, but until Adobe starts supporting flash on 64-bit processors for linux, they can take their fancy pa–…oh.Right then.Please carry on πŸ™‚

  2. ignacio says:

    Well, YouTube, Homestar Runner, and badgerbadgerbadger all work, so there’s 90% of it.

  3. Raphoun says:


  4. ZOMG says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  5. Ed says:

    “bleeding edge” πŸ™‚ You’re funny.Hey, you know what you should do? You should take your pent-up resentment for a vocal group of idiots and blast it out at all Linux Flash users in a snarky, sarcastic post to your official company blog. [ It’s a process; my therapist says I need ‘closure’ on the matter. -Mike M. ]

  6. Marko Kevac says:

    Hey, don’t work on this unuseful features, better give us 64bit version! πŸ˜‰

  7. pantsgolem says:

    Don’t worry, you’ll still have a flood of “open-source NOW!” comments to look forward to.(But seriously though, this is awesome.)

  8. Rafa says:

    wooooooooooooooooooo! christmas in advance! thanks!

  9. BobCFC says:

    Works great in the Minefield nightly build from 11/11/08 (firefox 3.1b2pre) on Ubuntu 8.10Thank you!

  10. Robin says:

    Allow me to be the first to say:1) Yay!2) I just successfully played a youtube video with it.3) When are you releasing one for x86_128? It’s about time, hurry up Adobe!

  11. dividebyzero says:

    I was waiting for it to switch. That is pure awesomeness. Thanks.

  12. Thanks for putting in the engineering to make this possible. I can’t wait for the Flash based streaming client to queue up a full HD movie into the process space ;)Downloading 64-BIT NOW!!!1!! πŸ˜‰

  13. Chris Lord says:

    I can’t try it out just yet, but that’s really excellent news – a big thank you from me, I don’t think I’ve bitched about it in comments before but I’ve definitely gnashed my teeth a few times about it. Cool stuff πŸ™‚

  14. R says:

    Geben Sie mir 64-bitten, bitte! πŸ˜€

  15. Knic Knic says:

    Thank YOU!!!!!!

  16. Nice. It’d be interesting if you or another engineer could talk about what you had to do to make Flash work on 64-bit (although I concede that that’s difficult when you can’t reveal the source code). I think a lot of the frustration came from the idea that making a 64-bit version of Flash Player was just a case of recompiling it for 64-bit without any code changes. It’d be a useful case study for 64-bit compatibility, too. [ Tinic explains more at -Mike M. ]

  17. w00t says:

    Lol hell has frozen over.

  18. Ryan Morehart says:

    Wow… nice work!

  19. tante says:

    Just for a change: Thanks!I’m glad that there’s a 64Bit version now, this makes my life a lot easier! So far it has worked good so consider this a thumbs-up πŸ™‚

  20. Gravis says:

    best November 17th ever.

  21. behe says:

    …Excuse me….Did you just say a 64-bit Flash is available?…Have you been doing any air conditioning deals with Hell recently?

  22. OH MY GOD ! Finally ! I hope it’s not some kind of trojan doing some “rm -rf /” in order to silent us, 64bits wanters ! πŸ˜‰

  23. Woot ! 64bit support on ‘nix before any other platform eh :-)However, “We currently have no plans to release a debugger version” means I wont be able to give it the full day-to-day testing I’d like to.

  24. And… it works !- Debian unstable- Linux popol 2.6.26-1-amd64 #1 SMP Sat Nov 8 18:25:23 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux- Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; fr; rv: Gecko/2008092814 Iceweasel/3.0.3 (Debian-3.0.3-3)Wow, great job πŸ˜‰

  25. 4s|m3tr|ko0 says:

    oh! so am I the first isn’t it?Okay let’s go for it:N0W… 64-B|T‘‘‘‘‘

  26. matejcik says:

    who cares about 16 exabytes!!! why don’t you concentrate on the important issues (that is 64bit support):P

  27. Ronan says:

    Great, but now, I wish Adobe could move a single finger to release a 64-bit version of fla… waitwaitwait, am I missing something here?_Late is still earlier than never_. Good work, even though I can’t test it coz’ I’m still i386 powered (sooooo so 80s)

  28. Wow ! At last ! downloading it and installing it right away ! will report any bug !

  29. Martin says:

    Works perfectly so far! Thanks very much! 64 bit now !!!!!

  30. Martin says:

    Works perfectly so far! Thanks very much! 64 bit now !!!!!

  31. Mikael Gueck says:

    Excellent. I’ll give it a whirl first thing when I get home.

  32. Robin says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!Joking aside, thanks! Looking forwards to getting this installed when I get home.

  33. diega says:


  34. Matt says:

    Thank you! Things seem to be working rather well at my end.

  35. noone says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  36. James Ward says:

    Where is 128-bit support?!? 128-BIT NOW!!!!!;)-James

  37. Anonymous says:

    Finally! It works great on my debian lenny AMD64 box.Thanks.

  38. Anonymous says:

    It’s finally out, we can use Flash on x86-64. Thanks Adobe, thanks a lot

  39. Ich B. Sisyphos says:

    Right now I love you guys, but I’m still going to praise the day when there’s a fully working open source alternative :-P.

  40. Matt D says:

    thanks for the info. Appriciated.

  41. xxx says:

    Just to piss you off a little: now that 64bit version is available, I realized I don’t actually want it that much anymore. You see, I’m using 32bit build in 64bit browser via nspluginwrapper and I didn’t have a browser crash in *ages*. That’s because nspluginwrapper runs Flash plugin in separate process and so if it crashes (and hell, does this occur often!), only the flash area of the page shuts down, but the browser lives on.IIRC that’s why Fedora uses nspluginwrapper even in 32bit version.

  42. Oli says:

    Congratulations! I know this has taken a long time to come to fruition but I’m sure you’ve made a lot of people [perhaps a little too] happy today.How long until it’s open sourced? >;D

  43. Pierre says:

    Brilliant! I installed it on an Ubuntu 8.04 and it runs out of the box – nice and fast. So far I can only see a minor bug: When hovering over links in flash, the mousecursor doesn’t change. Links are clickable, though. So it’s only cosmetic. [ There is still a problem with changing the mouse cursor over windowless SWFs (32- and 64-bit Linux). -Mike M. ]

  44. sandog says:

    After a quick run. Works with firefox.Is it supposed to work with Konqueror?Now that the big secret is out, I would like to read some details about its development, and will the code help with other OS (win/mac).What about 128 Version?

  45. meastp says:

    This is really appreciated, thanks!

  46. Dx says:

    I demand Flash Player for Minix!*sulk*;-)-Dx

  47. orlando says:

    Mike, don’t tell me that you are the author of ??;-) [ Not that anyone has been able to prove. -Mike M. ]

  48. swfhell says:

    Still no official release damn.We need it now!:) ;)########################Very nice!

  49. pozsy says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  50. Janusz says:

    80-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  51. Miguel says:

    THANKS!!Testing with ubuntu right now and works great!

  52. naki says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!…and correctly accented characters on UTF-8 Linux desktops, without pressing Ctrl key!

  53. Oten says:

    Guns and Rose’s Chinese Democracy is going to be released…Duke Nukem seems almost readyMetallica released an album that doesn’t suck…And now this…You know what this means?!It’s the Apocalypse!…Now seriously, this just made my day, a big, big hi five to all down at the adobe labs!Oten

  54. Wagaf-d says:

    Victorrrryyy !!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Peter says:

    Sorry Adobe guys, too late. I am using swfdec and works fine.

  56. Harold says:

    Thanks a lot !!!It works great for the moment.

  57. spr0k3t says:

    This brings a little tear to my eye. The only thing to improve upon this would be open sourcing the player.

  58. Samat Jain says:

    Works great for me so far in the 15 minutes I’ve been using it.Some quick notes (mentioned on my website):The tarball provided on the labs website is not the conventional Adobe Flash installer–it just contains the plugin. To use the plugin, drop the .so file into your ~/.mozilla/plugins/ directory.Make sure to uninstall your npviewer-powered 32-bit Flash completely (disabling the plugin within Firefox is not enough). I personally uninstalled it from my system to prevent any conflict.

  59. phoenux says:

    Excellent news!!! I switch to Linux 64 bits platform and I was using the nspluginwrapper to be able to use the flash player in firefox.64-bit now… thanks to adobe!

  60. shaborb says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  61. haha says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  62. LΓΊcio CorrΓͺa says:

    Now people can start trolli^^, er, asking: “When it’s going to be open source?”. Thanks Mike!

  63. ethana2 says:


  64. Nille says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!Just to make you happy πŸ™‚

  65. D4rky says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  66. Clark says:

    Finally!!!It was time, Adobe!!Now, lets wait for the final version!And for Windows too!

  67. Vadi says:

    It just might get quiet here :((btw, thanks you very much, and ndiswrapper for doing the job meanwhile (and pointing out the importance of a native thing!))

  68. mat says:

    When oh when will Adobe wake up and release a 64-bit version? Linux blah, open source blah blah, nobody at adobe cares, I’m all alone in a flashless world, weep weep.Seriously though, thanks. I know this wasn’t an easy job for you guys. Am looking forward to playing about with it. Although I’ve got so used to the web without flash, I fear it might be too gaudy and animated for me now… πŸ™‚

  69. Vadi says:

    It just might get quiet here :((btw, thanks you very much, and ndiswrapper for doing the job meanwhile (and pointing out the importance of a native thing!))

  70. Javi says:

    Thank you! very much!

  71. phoenux says:

    Excellent news!!! I switch to Linux 64 bits platform and I was using the nspluginwrapper to be able to use the flash player in firefox.64-bit now… thanks to adobe!

  72. tom says:

    Where’s my 80-bit support!?Equality for all architectures, 80-bit support NOW!!!Seriously, thanks for the hard work on the 64-bit version, I’ll be installing and testing tonight. πŸ™‚

  73. LuisManson says:

    First!!??Thanks…REALLY thank you very much!!!i will try ASAP:)

  74. Michel says:

    OMG… It’s snowing in hell and Santa Claus is a bit early!!!:-DGood work guys.PS: 64-BIT NOW!!! FTW!!!

  75. Anonymous Coward says:

    So when can we expect a 64 bit beta? πŸ˜‰

  76. Natros says:

    Thank you!

  77. My feet… Cold… Hell… froze over!Thank you, honestly. It’s a great feat!!! Congrats to all the team, as now you’re all awarded a +1000 karma, with the laurels of knowing you made the world a bit better to all of us.Please after that take a look in other issues, like the cure of AIDS, world warming, world hunger and religious/petrol conflicts. Being able to bring Flash64 to life, any of these other issues must be a piece of cake! :DFor real, thank you,

  78. Carlo says:

    That’s a milestone! Thank you for your effort on linux support! Don’t give up!

  79. nona says:

    Congrats. All your hard work is really appreciated.Thanks to the whole team.

  80. norberto says:

    The pictured cpu is an 8-bit Z80 from Zilog; I guess your “the next big thing” is just a joke. [ But why would they call an 8-bit CPU a Z80? That would be like AMD naming their 64-bit architecture AMD640. It just doesn’t make any sense. -Mike M. ]

  81. Me says:

    Thanks God! It could only consume 4GB, at last, it can take down a magnituda larger desktop as well… πŸ™‚

  82. 3po says:

    Finally, thanks !!

  83. Kent Smith says:

    This is great and all, but when are you going to release a 64 bit vers—oh wait…what’s this…be still my beating heart!

  84. sdf says:

    I have my own reservations about 64bit. But i’m pretty sure the majority of new hardware has been 64bit for quite a while now. flash is marketed to run virtually everywhere. Sadly enough for you it doesn’t mean that browsers adjust to your whim. And it’s not as if we are talking anywhere near the timeframe of the opensource ports to 64bit.Btw if you want to be bitter and link to the linux haters blog, i fear you might no longer be the best person for the job.Supporting the linux community does not mean, molding it down into a dead end user consumer os.In fact i’m pretty sure you can use the support of the linux community.If you can’t deal with people posting what they want. rather than what they *need* you should not maintain a blog. Stick to press releases nobody cares about. And feel content with your conventional software development wisdom, which is o so much better and we can’t point out any events where it failed. I guess we’ll wait another decade for adobe to catch up. And perhaps in the process we can convince them to not include javascript in .pdf’s which is a feature which is probably used less than %0.01 and probably causes >95% of the problems(thanks a lot for that btw).but i’m sure you are justgoing to claim I don’t understand sarcasm, irony, cynicism. Well, I just called those, and i might have even raised you a couple of *isms.I say goodday

  85. Mace Moneta says:

    Firstly, thanks!Secondly, I’ve installed this on Fedora 10, and it’s working great in Firefox 3.0.2 and Liferea 1.4.20. No more npviewer segfaults in /var/log/messages. CPU utilization for video content playback is still on the high side compared to standalone players like mplayer.Thirdly, I’ve been running x86_64 for almost five years now, so welcome to the party. You’re a little late, but at least you brought something tasty. πŸ™‚

  86. Greg says:

    Flash available in 64 bits ? The end of a myth…And if you read this (, you’ll also understand that Linux will be the first platform to support Flash 64. Hey, Mike, the platform is not so bad after all, huh ?

  87. Fab says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!(it was hard to resists)

  88. 64 bit now!!1!! ehehJust kidding. It’s time to thank you very much for this alpha release. We’ve been waiting for years and not it’s reality.It’s so much better to use a native plugin, it’s so much *faster* than nspluginwrapper.Thanks!

  89. hkfczrqj says:


  90. ekz says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!XD!TestingΒ·Β·Β·

  91. Adam says:

    That’s great and all, but where’s 64-bit support? πŸ˜‰

  92. Kostas says:

    Another pointless update and still no 64 bit player. WHERE IS MY GODDAMN 64 BITS FLASH PLAYER?????? #$@#$%@#$%@#$%@#$%Screw you guys, I’m running 32bits anyway.

  93. Robert Swain says:

    Whoop! πŸ™‚ Maybe now people will complain at you less. Hehehe.

  94. aa says:

    powerpc linux version please!

  95. CyberFoxx says:

    How about a “PPC NOW!!!1!!” comment? ^_^

  96. It’s looooong overdue, and I hope calling 64 bit processors ‘bleeding edge’ does not represent the speed of thinking within Adobe, but thanks! This is much appreciated!

  97. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry about whining, I’m sure there will be some other thing to whine about.Thanks for good news!

  98. DarkMaster says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!! ;-)Works fine here on Ubuntu 8.10 amd64 with firefox 3.0.3! thank you very much!

  99. DarkMaster says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!! ;-)Works fine here on Ubuntu 8.10 amd64 with firefox 3.0.3! thank you very much!

  100. davie says:

    Thanks – good to see there’s a 64 bit version available.I’ve just installed it (on ubuntu 8.10 amd64), and it seems to work OK initially at least.

  101. Reid says:

    Great to hear; thanks.Any word on when a debugger version will be available? The 64-bit FAQ states “no plans at this time” which (frankly) seems absurd.

  102. Jared says:

    64-bit NOW!!!!!!!!!11!11!

  103. DarkMaster says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!! ;-)Works fine here on Ubuntu 8.10 amd64! thank you very much!

  104. Epicanis says:

    Well, that’s nice and all, but when will you have 64-Bi….oh. Right.Never mind.(Seriously, I really didn’t think this would ever happen – thanks very much for proving me wrong. I’ll grab it and try it out as soon as I can…)

  105. prometeo says:

    Already installed on OpenSUSE 11.0. After a very quick test, most files do work, and the problem with dhtml menus going under the flash animation is gone!Main drawback: youtube videos do not seem to work, they run for a few seconds and then halt, but don’t crash. If you skip at another scene, it will run for a few other seconds and stop again, and so on.I was one of the many asking for the 64bit version, and I want to thank you guys for reaching the alpha stage!

  106. Michael says:

    Great, but where’s the 64-bit RPM?*sigh* Can’t you get anything right, Mike? We do have the same name and all. I kind of feel ashamed now.I’m sure your Sarcasm Detector 9000 will pick up on my post quite nicely though.P.S. Congratulations and thank you.

  107. BJB says:

    Ok, where is the 8-bit version??

  108. Stoner says:

    Thank. You. Very. Much.

  109. Roger says:

    Who cares about 16 exabytes? We need 64-bit support now! Oh… damn!

  110. Anon says:

    The sky is falling the sky is falling!Say it ain’t so Mike – how could you pander to all those screams for extra bits? Now the flash plugin is going to take up twice as much disk space as before. Think of the hard drives…

  111. I says:

    64-BIT STABLE NOW!!!1!!Hehehehe. Thanks.

  112. Ignacio Larrain says:

    I’m the creator of the ticket in the bug tracker.I would like to congratulate you and your team for the great work you have done. Not so long ago we still had an old and very buggy flash player, which was two versions behind the win/mac one.Anyway, I would have liked that you actually use the bug tracker the way it’s meant to be used: as a bilateral communication system between users and developers. The status for this request is still “Open”, instead of the usual cycle “In progress”, “Resolved”, etc.Anyway, congratulations and keep on the great work!

  113. MarkH says:

    When do we finally get a 64 bit plugin? Oh wait…When do we finally get a stable release of the 64 bit plugin?

  114. 64biter says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  115. Stephen says:

    WOOHOO!! 64-BIT NOW!!!1!!Now that that’s out of the way, I just want to say thanks for all the work – I tested it out just now and it works beautifully. No more nspluginwrapper for me.

  116. Manoel B H Carvalho says:

    Now, I can die happily! :)Well done!

  117. Leszek says:

    I can finally get my Firefox out from the pits of the 32bit chroot?

  118. Alan Jones says:

    Hi Mike,Great work. It’s working a treat on Mandriva cooker – will give it a spin on 2009.0Any chance of a 128bit version? My machines are dual core ;)Cheers,Alan.

  119. Fredrik says:


  120. Ian Hawdon says:

    64 Bit!!! (had to be the first to do this!)

  121. Works great! NSpluginWrapper or something made websites like,, and sometimes even just not display flash content. It’s nice not to have to use it anymore. Thanks SO much!

  122. Harry says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  123. Ravu al Hemio says:

    Umm…64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  124. Bryan Siegfried says:

    Since I vaguely recall the Z80, I thought it was worth pointing out that the Zilog Z80 is an 8-bit processor from the 70’s.Is Adobe porting Flash to CP/M? That would certainly set slashdot alight. =)

  125. Vincent says:

    When are you going to stop adding those useless features and start working on something important like support for 64bit?

  126. Yeaiiiii says:

    Happy day.I am downloading it now.Now if someone would get back to work on Flexbuilder for Linux that would be awesome.

  127. tiago says:

    Hey hey, thanks!

  128. Anonymous says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  129. blah says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  130. vishna says:

    Works fine so far on my Ubuntu 8.04, installed libflashsupport though to have pulseaudio support.

  131. John B. says:

    80 bit processor??? 80/10 bits maybe. That Zilog Z80 is circa 1976.Or are you trying to say that my old TRS-80 will be able to run Flash soon? [ That 80-bit CPU is going to take over. I hear that Nintendo’s new handheld will use it: -Mike M. ]

  132. Steve says:

    Thank you for all your hard work, and congrats on getting out 64 bit Flash!

  133. Julian says:

    Is there an RPM release planned?

  134. You says:

    Where the 64-bit… oh.I expected there to be SOME comment on this news. I am surprised things are so quiet.Anyway, good going. If things keep going this way, I may one day consider using a 64-bit Distro…

  135. Nate says:

    Where’s the 64-bit 64-bit version?!

  136. darkhole says:

    Many, many thanks… And, don’t worry.. The next comment will be:”Can you put Flash free as in freedom??”Can you?? jeje.Bye

  137. Diego says:

    64-bit CPUs bleeding edge?!?!?!?They’re mainstream since 2003 with the first Athlon 64… It’s a bit hard to claim a 5 years old technology “bleeding edge”.

  138. James says:

    Over-under 10 years on how long before this proves useful to more than 1% of Flash users on Linux? I’m over.

  139. What, no yum repository?I kid, I kid. This is great news!

  140. KloroFormd says:

    I don’t get the joke about the pictured CPU being 80-bit. >.>This is very nice. I shall start running it. [ Geeks recognize that it’s a Zilog Z80, a widely used 8-bit CPU back in the day. -Mike M. ]

  141. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the RPM?

  142. behe says:


  143. phoenux says:

    It works like a charm in Ubuntu 64bits.Thanks a lot for all your work…

  144. anonymous_n00b says:

    GREAT! Finally 64-bit Flash! But hey, where’s the 32-bit version? C’mon Adobe it’s just a f**king recompile can’t be hard so 32-bit NOW!!!1!

  145. dave says:

    Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

  146. Anonymous coward says:

    Thanks, this will resolve the only reason I still recommend 32-bit linux to some ppl.

  147. Adam says:

    I can’t be bothered to register for Adobe’s bug reporting site, so I’ll go for the useless drive-by report variety:Running … [ I can’t be bothered to publish your vague bug report. -Mike M. ]

  148. JK Wood says:

    Thanks, guys! Now I don’t have to go crawling through Tamarin for the next three months!Now I can stop providing a 32-bit dependencies package for Flash on Slamd64… what a rush!

  149. niel says:

    GPL-BSD NOW!!!1!!

  150. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone else getting SIGILLs?model name : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3400+flags : fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush mmx fxsr sse sse2 syscall nx mmxext lm 3dnowext 3dnow rep_good

  151. Anonymous says:

    Now what about ARM?

  152. Matt says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  153. OmegaZSH says:

    It is about time Mike! What took adobe so long? I guess hell has froze over. Thank you Mike and to Adobe for finally adding support for 64-bit Linux. Kudos to you!

  154. OmegaZSH says:

    Why does everyone keep asking for a 128-bit version? Pfft. The real question is when will they release a Flash plugin that will work in Links/Lynx web browsers? [ Hey, now that would be something — using AAlib for graphics output. -Mike M. ]

  155. scottd says:

    Kinda curious – you’ve had Solaris SPARC flash for some time now and SPARC was 64 bit when Lintel/Wintel was working on converting from 16 to 32 bit. Wouldn’t that have ported reasonably well?

  156. BrianD says:

    THANK YOU!Now I can actually watch the Daily Show full episodes on my Linux laptop.And I can now truly say that Linux runs everything better than Vista on my laptop we as well.Adobe is the tops, in my book, for doing this.

  157. tweakt says:

    16 BITS NOW!!!

  158. jap1968 says:

    What a joke!The processor on the pic is a more than twenty years old “8 bit processor”.I had a computer (ZX Spectrum) with this processor in 1984

  159. beeman says:

    Great Job Adobe! πŸ™‚

  160. To the “Anonymous” with a SIGILL, this most likely is because Flash is using LAHF in 64-bit mode, which all CPUs did not have in early days. And looking at your flags, you indeed don’t have lahf_lm.If this is coming from Tamarin, the developer can generate a different code sequence with PUSHF and the like. This would be slower though not noticeably on AMD CPUs.For nspluginwrapper sometimes not displaying plugins in windowed mode, this is fixed in 1.1.4. Well, workarounded since this is actually two bugs in Gtk2 and Firefox.For windowless plugins (e.g. video not starting), this is also reproductible with a 32-bit browser without nspluginwrapper. So, it’s either a bug in Firefox or Flash. The former is the most likely cause though.

  161. Mark says:

    64 bits, Thank YOU!!!!

  162. cuantar says:

    64-bit now~1!!cos(0)!

  163. billthk says:

    Really awesome. Thanks a lot Adobe!

  164. Mark says:

    64bits, THANK YOU!

  165. Reed Solomon says:

    Dude, it totally doesn’t work with my Acer Aspire One netbook with its brand new ATOM PROCESSOR. IT DOESN’T WORK @#$^^@# I demand a refund!

  166. Greg says:

    Great! This first 64-bit release obviously is still quite buggy, but it’s a good start.I hope we will see a few updates before the next major release of Flash? It would be a pity if not.Again, thank you!

  167. Adrian says:

    Works great so far onMozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008092510 Ubuntu/8.04 (hardy) Firefox/ NOW!!!1!!

  168. Greg says:

    Also, Adobe, WHERE’S THE 6502 VERSION!?!??!!1111oneI want to use Flash one my C64 too!

  169. Don says:

    16 exabytes huh? I don’t think theres that much information on the web. But, seriously good work guys, been waiting a while for a 64-bit version. Hows FreeBSD support coming along? [ Tinic has more data about FreeBSD: -Mike M. ]

  170. kerensky says:

    where’s my 128bit flashplayer!!!!!?? must watch porn in all architectures!!!!!

  171. Chris Lees says:

    I just installed Ubuntu 8.10 on my computer, and decided to go for the 64-bit edition of it this time. Installing the flashplugin-nonfree package from Synaptic automatically brought in nspluginswrapper and the ia32libs. It was completely painless; in fact, I didn’t even notice the presence of nspluginswrapper. Everything “Just Worked”.Yeah, it’s great that there’s a 64-bit version of the Flash Player plugin, but er… we don’t really need it anymore? :-PNow I just want 64-bit Flash for Linux. You know, the program that can actually MAKE the Flash content. πŸ™‚

  172. I can't compile it says:

    where’s the source code?

  173. jijitus says:

    Thanks, thanks. It was badly needed. Now open-source it and it will become the new de-facto Web standard!

  174. Mark says:

    Where’s my plugin for the Intel 4004?

  175. miguimon says:

    Good job guys!!Finally I will enjoy flash without using 32bit packages!Thanks

  176. Alex says:

    OMFG!!1!!@64 BITS NOW!!!

  177. edv says:

    Well, since I’ve asked about 64bit before, I now feel obliged to comment here and thank you for this release. Good job.

  178. Simone says:

    Thank you guy, work perfectly on ubuntu 8.04.Hell is starting to freeze right now :)and… 64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  179. Texmandie says:

    Sweet – Flash for my Model 4!One question: will it support the full 128K of the extended models, or is it limited to 64K?

  180. markus says:

    First – great move by adobe!Second – whoever critisized linuxhaters is WRONG. Stop being such a sheep and follow the leader. There are problems within the “Linux software realm” and they need to be exposed until the arrogant developers therein FIX it. The traditional model of distributions will no longer work. Many People are tired of it all, including me.But you can see it on various blogs as well, not only linuxhaters blog – look at tuomov’s blog. Look at fefe’s occasional rant against Gentoo or GCC devs (not to ignore the crazy glibc devs).Devs are quick to insult “stupid” users – time to strike back.

  181. BΓ©la says:


  182. arnold says:

    LOL @pictureZ-80 = 80bit @_@

  183. andy says:

    thanks, works just fine here.Now that this one is done, where is the ppc port ? :Pcheers

  184. Siege says:

    64-BIT NOW!!1!! is just backwards and narrow-minded, and in no way rationally encompasses the difficulty in developing these drivers. The PROPER statement should read:64-BIT 12 MONTHS AGO!!!!!!!!11one

  185. 64-bit User says:

    Thank you very much.

  186. Zilog CPU? says:


  187. Chris says:

    I hear Apple’s Snow Leopard will be a full 64-bit OS. Is Adobe rolling out the 64-bit Flash for Linux so they will have enough knowledge about 64-bit OSes and apps so they can ship a 64-bit Flash for OSX on day one?

  188. make says:


  189. Wintch says:

    Great! At last a full 64bit enviroment in linux is possible!

  190. Darien Miranda says:

    I just want to say:Thanks!.Me, and of course all the community thank you so much!.

  191. Cleber Casali says:

    Thank you Adobe!!!!!

  192. daniel says:

    Works for me. thx for 64bit. Next step: open source itBrowser: Opera 9.62 on GentooTested sites: youtube,, southparkstudios

  193. Davide Matarese says:

    “I have a dream…”:a 64bit Flash Player and…DOH!anyway…64-BIT NOW!!!1!!PS:when an ARM11/iPhone version?

  194. Beulbek says:

    Brilliant! I’ve built n x86_64 mediacenter and I’ve been waiting for this. Thanks team, keep up the good work!

  195. ben weir says:

    Google street view crashes on me every time. Youtube works though.Firefox 3.0.4 on Centos 5.2

  196. Alejandro Nova says:

    Great!Now we know what will be the game engine for Duke Nukem Forever. THE HELL IS FROZEN!!!

  197. Peddy says:

    I just cried tears of disbelief and joy.Thank you Adobe. Thank you.

  198. charlie says:

    OPEN SOURCE NOW!!!1!!!!1!!!

  199. Michael says:

    Could anybody tell me how to install the flash player on Debian with Iceweasel- ?I copy the to the /usr/lib64/iceweasel/plugins, but its still cannot workable.Thank you.

  200. Prudhvi says:

    Opensource Flash NOW!. before moonlight takesover

  201. Dan Bishop says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you so much adobe!!! It’s great to have a company that listens to its users πŸ™‚

  202. Diego says:

    Very good.I’m using it and, at the moment, seems to be all ok.

  203. Benjamin Sergeant says:

    Works great (youtube) on my Mandriva 2009.0 with firefox 2. I had to copy the library to /usr/lib64/firefox-, and to remove gnash (urpme gnash).Thanks guys !

  204. Matthew Marshall says:

    64-BIT YESTERDAY!!!1!!(I just had to one-up everyone else.)

  205. nobody says:

    A couple of things;First, I really have to question how appropriate it is to link to that “Linux haters” page — seems to be right loaded up with profanities and as such is probably not something good to be associated with, particularly when you consider that there could be children exposed to it. Not something that I would be impressed with if I was one of the higher-ups at adobe or if I was an investor in adobe.Second, though I perfectly understand why adobe *finally* decided to build this 64bit plugin, I really think that in the grand scheme of things, it will be detrimental. We’ve got two open source projects aiming at replicating the functionality of the adobe flash plugin, and I would think that a lot of the driving force behind these projects has been the lack of an official 64bit plugin. I fear that with this new 64bit plugin, that the interest in those projects will fall, and this is far far worse than lacking the “official” plugin.

  206. Ruchi says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ I got tired reading the comments πŸ™‚

  207. Linux User says:

    Awesome !Working great here on Fedora 9 x86_64One question:Is there a way to install this system wide?Dropping it into /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins didn’t work. It had to go into ~/mozilla/plugis [ It all depends on where the global plugins are placed. Every distro puts them in a different place (big surprise there). I don’t know where they’re supposed to go in Fedora, but I should probably compile a list for all distros. -Mike M. ]

  208. Linux User says:

    works system-wide on fedora 9 x86_64 system wide if you put it in /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/One thing that the 32bit version with nspluginwrapper was doing was sort of pausing on video about half the time, then playing it in super fast forward.This clears that up.For an alpha, this is already much better than it’s 32-bit counter part. [ I’m glad the path mystery is cleared up. -Mike M. ]

  209. nice says:

    “I feel a bit sentimental about it all. It’s weird, but I think I’m going to miss the hundreds of comments on every post gently requesting a 64-bit version. So don’t be afraid to pop in with a “64-BIT NOW!!!1!!” comment every so often, you know, just for old time’s sake.”Hehehe

  210. trontonic says:

    Thanks for listening to 64-bit users and for creating this! It works great and my browser is much more stable now. Yey!

  211. Peter says:

    So the rumors are true! Flash 11 is going to introduce to have Z80 support.

  212. Alex says:

    Performance seems worse for some videos. I tested on this video: back fine using nspluginwrapper and flashplugin-nonfree on Ubuntu 8.10. Stutters with the alpha 64bit build.No crashes though, and doesn’t lock up firefox any more! Great work Mike and Adobe team :DAlso, I hope the whiners find something new to whine about, I love reading Mike’s snarky retorts πŸ™‚

  213. joethefox says:

    this is the effect of sound competition… thanks to adobe and thanks to microsoft silverlight! ;)Let the best man win!

  214. Zak says:

    So, what about OVER 9000 bit?

  215. Finally the computer industry cares about the end user. I like Adobe way better than I ever liked Macromedia. Good job.

  216. Marc says:

    I can finally run 64bit Linux with full flash support!!! Thanks guys!(It’s been running for a whole week without a crash under Ubuntu 8.10)

  217. Hebert says:

    Thanks for making 64 bits flash into reality.Hardware: AGP X1600pro + Pentium D + 2GB RAMSoftware: ati-radeon open source driver + Compiz + Firefox 3.0.4I’m having a serious CPU Usage problem with Flash 10 (32 bits or 64 bits plugins)I tested on Debian Sid, Ubuntu (Intrepid and Jaunty) X86_64Sites like youtube, DailyMotion, brings Firefox to a crawl while scrolling video. Playback becomes really choppy until Full screen video is applied. Only then (less CPU Time demanding) playback becomes actually viewable.Flash 9 using nspluginwrapper consumes much less CPU Time. Not an issue really.Is that a Flash 10 known issue?Thanks for reading

  218. Anonymous says:

    Thank you!Using it on Fedora 10, works perfectly

  219. JK Wood says:

    well, Mike, since you mentioned compiling a list of global plugin locations for all distros, I’ll jump in and let you know that Slamd64 shouldn’t be ignored: /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins

  220. Evan says:

    Well,After much thrashing, I can’t make it work for me.Of course I’m running 64-bit OpenSuse 10.2 with a beta NVidia driver, a custom kernel with RT_PREEMPT and KVM virtualization patches and a few hundred libraries that I compiled from source.Version 9 32-bit worked great for me. Version 10 32-bit not so much.And of course I don’t have a copy of the version 9 installer anymore.So I’m hosed.

  221. John says:

    Thanks but FLASH from WINDOWS on wine works better than linux version. Too much CPU usage on native linux plugin.

  222. Tim says:

    This morning I updated my amd64 gentoo box.I had a head-scratching moment just now when I clicked on a youtube link and didn’t get the Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe’s Flash Player message. The video… just played!I thought I had booted into XP, had to double check the task bar! It’s a minor epiphany! Even took my go on ATTACK (a flash game)! in facebook.Thanks!

  223. MoroS says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!Heh, heh… Well, I tested the 64-bit version on Gentoo 2008.0 AMD64 and it works like a charm. :)Thanks you guys at Adobe for making this possible. πŸ™‚

  224. System: Debian SidDE: KDE 4.1.3Xorg: 7.4 with 1.5.3 ServerBrowsers: Opera 9.6.2, Konq4.1.3, Iceweasel3.0.4, Epiphany2.24 (WebKit and Gecko)Observations: Major memory leakage on pages with 3 or more embedded flash views. Opera becomes completely unuseable with operapluginwrap chewing up resources.Killing doesn’t free up memory w/o logging out, restarting X.

  225. LuisManson says:

    Works very good, some sites get choppy for some reasson, but the real problem is YouTube videos, some of them “flicker” between the video and the screen you see at the end with the link and embeded code… once every few secconds

  226. behe says:

    LuisManson: I get this problem with 32-bit Kubuntu Linux, Flash Player 10, Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz with 2GB RAM and an Intel 945GM graphics card (yes, yes I know it’s awful).

  227. SystemCrash says:

    128-BIT NOW!!!1!!πŸ˜€

  228. GiSWiG says:

    So, now it’s time for 512bit!Skip 128 and 256, go to 512bit (I’m being reallistic, so no further than that :-)Comon AMD, you were first on 64bit! YUCONDOOOIT!(P.S. Ya know, GPUs are past 64bit…)

  229. qMax says:

    However, adobe pages “flash features” and “flash in action” complains:”you are trying to install player on unsupported operating system”

  230. Nobody in particular says:

    The version info on the top right part of the blog frontpage with links to the release and debug players is really useful, but it’s not updated.Also what’s the deal with the .tar.gz packaging? Inside flash_player_linux_dev.tar.gz there’s plugin/debugger/ and plugin/debugger/install_flash_player_linux.tar.gz, both of which contain a copy of the same 11mb’d be nice if the archive filenames could contain the exact version number instead of just “install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz”.Wishlist: A simple “flashplayer-linux-” containing “plugin/release/” and “plugin/debugger/” (and perhaps also the standalone flashplayer executables next to the .so files)

  231. feiy says:

    where is the debug version plugins for AMD64 [ Not released yet/ -Mike M. ]

  232. Alejandro Nova says:

    Thanks for your x64 love.Now I’ll have another complaint…0% CPU USAGE FOR HIDDEN TABS NOW!:P [ Read Tinic’s blog post: … -Mike M. ]

  233. ru says:

    64bit version ple… But seriously, it’s awesome, thanks a lot! I’m waiting for standalone player now.

  234. Where are the changelogs? says:

    Where are the changelogs for the new Flash versions? I’m currently looking for the latest changelog for Flash

  235. ubetcha says:

    IMO you should update the current flash version listing on the front page of this blog to the present version, in this case as of the date of this posting:

  236. Phil says:

    Mike, you are a god.

  237. Eagerly waiting... says:

    Hello, I’ve been eagerly waiting the 67108864-bit version of Flash. Does anyone know when the timeframe for this version is? (I’m currently using the 2-bit version of Flash, but I’m frequently getting out-of-memory errors.)

  238. Eric says:

    ugh.. about 20% of flash sites crash with “Illegal Instruction”Please fix this bug: [ Can you provide the output of ‘cat /proc/cpuinfo’ from your system? -Mike M. ]

  239. Zbigniew L. says:

    The flash player version on penguin.swf homepage is old and security hazardous:Flash Player 10 (10,0,12,36)The current, security fixed flash plugin version is: update penguin.swf homepage to protect Linux users from downloading dangerous version.

  240. greg says:

    Is Adobe still working on the remaining performance issues, especially regarding video?On the Intel netbook platform (Intel Atom N270 w/ 1.6 GHz) many video sites still aren’t fast enough, even with low-res videos.Which is odd, since often enough a regular media player is able to play the videos with miniscule (

  241. ArmEagle says:

    The 32bit v10 plugin would crash my (tarball) Firefox3 whenever a page loaded with Flash (I think some missing libraries).But this 64bit v10 works just fine (didn’t really look at CPU/mem) on the Fedora 64bit build of Firefox! A shame Mozilla doesn’t provide 64bit downloads (at least not on their normal pages).

  242. Chris says:

    Works great for me on Gentoo with Firefox 3.0.5.Keep up the good work, Mike.

  243. Anonymous says:

    I’m trying it on debian 5.0 x86_64, iceweasel 3.0.4 kernel 2.6.26-1-amd64…flash apps start but freeze, this is tried month ago but that caused the browser to exit any time flash was loaded, so d21.1 is a slight improvement πŸ˜‰

  244. Dima says:

    More blog posts NOW!!!Ok, we have 64-bit flash, but it’s been almost two months without new posts. What happened?

  245. sean says:

    64BIT NOW !!1!

  246. Maria says:

    Thanks, but flash on linux still sucks. Too much cpu used.

  247. Ah man yeah, thank you very much. This is much appreciated, because this year I moved most of my systems to 64bit Debian.Although I was able to get the flash player of the time to work using nspluginwrapper, but this was very difficult and the results were not great.Now this is done, thanks. But I also would like to say that Adobe Flash still uses an unacceptable amount of CPU resources. Flash 10 on youtube is almost unusable on my Asus EeePC 900 – I think your next release should focus on fixing the efficiency of the flash player, which has always been slow and inefficient.

  248. terry says:

    Just saying thanks.

  249. Tony LaManna says:

    Honestly…what’s the big deal creating a port for PPC Linux? It is seriously the most preposterous thing I have ever heard that you refuse to port it. How much time would it really take? It works just fine on the OSX kernel…so obviously there are no architecture limitations. Seriously – stop being nazis. You guys are ridiculous.And before you talk about PPC being slightly outdated…there are plenty of people who still use one (Yes, I occasionally do use mine).

  250. Uni-coder says:

    And UTF-8 support, when?

  251. someone says:

    Is it just me, or is YouTube not working with on AMD64/Ubuntu 8.04/FF3 ?

  252. someone says:

    D’oh! It was flashblock. It’s installed but doesn’t work properly.

  253. Andre Robatino says:

    I have been using the 64-bit plugin since it came out and it seems at least as stable as the 32-bit one. Please make this into an RPM and make it available in the yum repo. Thanks.

  254. some guy says:

    Hey there, just wanted to say thanks very much for the work on this.I’m running it on 64 bit Ubuntu 8.10 and it seems to work about as well as the 32 bit version through nspluginwrapper except it loads much faster of course.With both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions I see very high cpu utilization as compared with windows. I’ve seen lots of reports around stating the same. Is there any work on that issue planned?Thanks again.

  255. some guy says:

    @Tony LaManna:The most preposterous thing you’ve ever heard of? Seriously? You really need to get out more.

  256. keesj says:

    Linux 64bits version of flash FTW!Thanks!

  257. Me says:


  258. Rene says:

    Thank you so much!

  259. HM says:

    Hi,Thank you for your work. Linux Flash plugin seems OK, but there is still one annoying problem for non english-language users: keyboard entering of special national characters (for example from Czech language) is not possible in flash applications. Typical example – ICQ2Go! ( is OK on Windows version of Flash plugin…

  260. El Comando Rasta Del Guetthobanco says:

    Performance of Flash Plugin on Linux really sucks. Please make a faster version for Linux Users. Thanks.

  261. Javier says:

    No news in two months, no bugs resolved. You are working on it?

  262. Crazed Mule says:

    Thanks so much guys! I’m happy to report the 64-bit plugin even works on my Fedora 10, x86-64 virtual machine running in VMware Fusion on my MacBook Pro!kudos!da mule

  263. MetaCarpal says:

    Working great in English on Fedora 10 and Fedora 11-alpha. Looking forward to seeing this in an RPM, hopefully soonish.

  264. Andre Robatino says:

    If you don’t want to put the 64-bit plugin in the repo, meaning it won’t get updated automatically, please at least mention updates in your blog. I had to find out about the latest security update from

  265. oscar says:

    hi guys, I am new to debian, and I had found that that problem with using flashplayer , that I was thinking of quitting using debian, but after downloding this new plugin everything has been solutioned..thank you very much.People like you are the one we need

  266. Anonymous says:

    Any updates ?

  267. Zbigniew L. says:

    Is this site still alive? There was flash 10 security update for all platforms. Current flash plugin 10 version for Linux is: for 32 and 64 bit Linuxhere are the links:

  268. Mark says:

    Will flash on linux ever support printing? It picks up my printer but when i try to print, nothing ever happens.. this occurs on all three of my linux machines.

  269. Andre Robatino says:

    It’s strange that comments get added promptly, yet the blog still lists the old 2008-12-18 versions, despite more than one of us pointing out that they’re obsolete. Maybe Mike Melanson is on vacation and the comments are being screened by someone else?

  270. Flash King says:

    I think Mike deserves a holiday after reading all the comments here

  271. codeshot says:

    This has been great for me. a variety of things work properly now that its not going through nspluginwrapper. That was an awful hack that caused crash after crash, and prevented some websites from being useful (some transparency or z-order problem, keyboard capture problems, etc.)

  272. Vadim P. says:

    Found a 100% system freeze on a damn useful site πŸ™

  273. Cavan says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  274. wds says:

    So… did Mike get laid off or something. This post was made last november, it is now march and still no final release… What gives?

  275. Noel says:

    Can’t wait until that 80-bit CPU is released πŸ˜‰

  276. Zbigniew L. says:

    There is no problem with the links. However they show old versions (which is bad) after clicking the redirect page allows to download only safe, current version.Flash on Linux should consider the use of hardware accelerated drawing. For example using cairo library is easy, cross platform and hardware accelerated on Linux and Windows. Being required dependency for Firefox3 makes it more interesting for Flash.

  277. Andre Robatino says:

    Mike Melanson’s last appearance was on Dec. 30 (in one of the earlier comments). Anyone know if he’s still working for Adobe?

  278. Vitali says:

    Who cares about 16 exabytes. No home user even has that much memory!!! Performance of flash on Linux compared to Windows was always and still horrible (you should be embarrassed by it as a developer). Why don’t you focus on optimizations more, so it runs on midrange machines with out using most of its resources.

  279. me says:

    /me thinks this blog is dead. Is Mike still employed in this company?

  280. Arkaever says:

    I tried i386 version but it didn’t work on Fedora 10 over 64bits… I hope the 64bit beta version is not too buggy.PLEASE! Get us a stable version of flashplayer 10 for 64bits!

  281. Someone says:

    So when are you going to solve the excessive CPU usage and crashiΕ„g and shit? Fix that before you do this shit.CPU usage in windows is like 6% vs. Linux 70-80%. You are friggin’ paid programmers. You know how to solve this shit.

  282. Andre Robatino says:

    Mike responded to the last comment dated March 4 for “Flash Player 10 Is Live”, so he’s probably still here.

  283. Sbroker says:

    Thank you very much for doing unusable flash pages on Linux.

  284. Ralf says:

    They better not fire him. I’ve never commented on this blog. I think only a small vocal minority does.But he alone made Adobe a not-so-evil-company. They did it all right. Support linux on par with the other OS-es. Communicate directly with community. I would make my company spent a buckload on adobe products if they supported linux. From being an evil company to somebody who I wish was getting more into the game, that’s the google-style-loyalty of the nerds they were almost getting.I hope so much this guy is just on vacation. I think if he would have quit or got fired, they would have communicated this, would they not?

  285. Ricardo says:

    Is Mike still employed on Adobe? The Linux flashplugin development seems to be stopped.

  286. sathia says:

    will you ever fix the utf-8 bug on the textareas? it’s quite annoying

  287. meh says:

    Next stop: Kill the 32-bit versions.

  288. Clag says:

    Can we have the source please? I really really want flash to work on my ubuntu PowerPC (G4) or can you make it for PPC please??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  289. drz says:

    We need PowerPC/Linux !!!Come on! It works on PS3, MacOS X PPC, so why cant you make a Linux PowerPC version. It cant be that difficult!

  290. Jayson says:

    For me It is working beautiful.Thank you

  291. Zhang Weiwu says:

    Hi. I know only a few people asked for this, but is support for PPC or MIPS on the way? Old Macintosh gives a reason for PPC and there are new models of PC and netbook there in China made by lemote that runs on MIPS. I could also imagine other MIPS based linux hand-helds too.

  292. Nick says:

    I have been using the pre-release for quite a while, now. (XUbuntu 9.04)Didn’t get it to work nicely with Opera, but with Firefox it’s just great, so I am glad to finally get rid of the nspluginwrapper, which caused chaotic behavior, all the time.Thanks for the start, I am eagerly looking forward to the release.Nick.

  293. Drew says:

    This is old news by now, but I just wanted to say thanks. Even though it fits in the “old news” category, I can report it working great in Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 on 64-bit Fedora 11. Animations and videos load faster, play more smoothly, and not using nspluginswrapper has definitely helped the stability of my browser. Thanks for the release, and I for one think, those lame commenters deserved a good public embarrassing.

  294. Peter says:

    When I try to download this plugin I get the following error message:Address Not FoundFirefox can’t find the server at

  295. Andre Robatino says:

    There’s a new version of flash-plugin available which has important security fixes. Just posting for the benefit of other readers. It would be nice if the top page listed the new version but that probably won’t happen for a while.

  296. Grey_Ash says:

    x86_128 bit now! I need my porn! In fullscreen on GNU/Hurd!

  297. Word. says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  298. Yuhong Bao says:

    Well, the x87 floating point stack was 80-bit extended precision.

  299. lan games says:

    Its so sad… i am still wating for Duke Forever and i still have a spark of hope!