Hardware Accelerated Video Playback

Check out this press release from earlier this week at Adobe MAX regarding the forthcoming Adobe Flash Player version 10.1 — GPU-Accelerated Netbooks from HP, Lenovo and Samsung Support full Flash Player:

The combination of NVIDIA GPUs and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 enables device manufacturers to deliver uncompromised Web browsing of rich applications, interactive content and HD video with substantially decreased power consumption. With the support of the NVIDIA GeForce®, NVIDIA ION™ and Tegra™ products users will be able to enjoy a much smoother viewing experience when accessing rich content built with the Flash Platform including HD and SD video from popular sites like Hulu.com or YouTube.

In answer to any other questions regarding this feature: The above is what the press release says so that’s what I’m allowed to pass along.

22 Responses to Hardware Accelerated Video Playback

  1. yigit says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  2. Michel S. says:

    But when do we get accelerated playback for Intel chipsets?

  3. Jayson Reis says:

    I don’t know why people stay writing here about problems with flash 64 bit. I’m using the labs version for 64 bit since that are out and I don’t have any problem.I’m very happy with this news because I use CUDA to accelerate all my videos with mplayer. Will 10.1 for Linux have CUDA support too ? Or that is a Windows news ?

  4. jwb says:

    Good thing Nvidia just cancelled their entire chipset and IGP product line yesterday.

  5. kriko says:

    So still no smooth fullscreen flash video playback on common cards.Strangely same flv plays smoothly in mplayer with ~4% cpu usage while flash makes my cpu go into performance mode and burn a lot of electricity.

  6. Gravis says:

    is there going to be a general opengl enabled version of flash for linux? SDL would also be a good choice.

  7. Mike Russell says:

    Hopefully this means we might get VDPAU support in the Linux player? Too hopeful maybe. Although its a NVIDIA API, supported by NVIDIA so the usual excuse about Open Source API’s are not relevant.

  8. DarthB says:

    Please tell me the next release will give us a stable (as in “without alpha/beta label”) 64bit version!Most distros won’t add the 64bit version in their repos because of this 🙁

  9. sandog says:

    This thing is supposed to come out later this year. I’m going to guess before Thanks Giving. Just to put the “WOW” factor on the mobile devices and netbooks waiting for you at the mall.Don’t get trampled during the blue light specials.

  10. tweakt says:

    VDPAU Now!!1!

  11. Gustavo H. Cervi says:

    Flash player for linux have a serious bug (blocker). Accents does not work (utf chars). Its totally useless for portuguese, french, spanish, russian, german and any other language that need special chars.. this bug is 2 year old!! adobe does not care about linux users? its time to change to silverlight?

  12. Tom Flair says:

    I’m surprised no one has picked up on and boisterously complained about the fact that there won’t be a 64-bit version of 10.1 initially.”When will 64-bit versions of Flash Player 10.1 be available?The 64-bit versions of Flash Player will not be in the initial release of Flash Player 10.1. We remain committed to bringing native 64-bit Flash Player to Windows and Mac in future, in addition to the currently available 64-bit alpha version of Flash Player 10 for Linux.”

  13. OverSoft says:

    Entirely unrelated to this problem: It seems Ubuntu 9.10 has a new Intel driver.This driver doesn’t like the GPU acceleration in Flash very much. (Try it with OverrideGPUValidation=1 and a GPU capable SWF under the standalone results in an insta-crash)I’ve posted a bug in the ubuntu bug-reporting system, but they seem to be too busy picking their noses to reply to it.The bug report and steps to recreate the crash can be found at:https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/451146GPU acceleration worked up to Ubuntu 9.04 without a problem.

  14. Shawn says:

    jwb: I have been wondering the same thing: why can any other video player play back .flv files like it’s nothing but Flash can’t cut the mustard?

  15. Charles says:

    I’m using an Intel 915GM with a personally rolled 2.6.31 kernel and the 2.7 release of Intel Graphics. CPU = 1.8GHz, Memory=1GB, Running Ubuntu IntrepidThe /etc/adobe/mms.cfg tweak makes a HUGE improvement on my video watching. I can now watch Hulu HD fullscreen *cheers*.Thanks Penguin.SWF team

  16. Snipes says:

    What about Intel???? Flash is still laggy on my Acer Aspire One, which handles HD Flash movies in XP perfectly fine…

  17. Fred says:

    When will 64 bit Flash finally start working on 64 bit AMD systems without LAHF.In my opinion it’s stupid adding such features if even the basics are still not working for some people…

  18. John says:

    What the hell is going on Adobe regarding Linux 64bit development? was released FOUR MONTHS AGO in alpha stage. Your development cycle is nothing short of insane if you can’t churn out a new ALPHA release every few weeks with periodic bug fixes and feature implementations. Meanwhile, us lowly users are stuck with only half of the videos playing correctly and popular websites like imeem are completely non-functional. Get your ____ together, guys.

  19. Jack says:

    Today 10.1 was released with NO VDPAU support for Linux. What gives? This blog post got my hopes up for nothing.

  20. punisher says:

    so its here, new 10.1 for linux… but no VDPAU support. you know what adobe, … you! flash is still heavy laggy in linux, I hope HTML5 will crush You!

  21. full dizi says:

    Please tell me the next release will give us a stable (as in “without alpha/beta label”) 64bit version!Most distros won’t add the 64bit version in their repos because of this 🙁

  22. boom chackalacka says:

    One year later, and still no VDPAU for flash :(. Dont get me wrong, we FOSS users & developers appreciate your good development work. However, no VDPAU is a no-go nowadays.