Flash Player 10 Security Update

There’s a new version of Flash Player 10 available, designated version 10,0,42,34, which primarily addresses security issues. This update includes x86_32 Linux and even a refresh of the x86_64 version. In the interest of managing expectations, the new x86_64 version is not significantly different from the previous x86_64 version. It is different in that it contains the relevant security fixes and perhaps a few other low-risk fixes.

Check the sidebar (“Adobe Flash Player For Linux”) for download locations.

This is the new current version of Flash Player 10, which is not to be confused with the 10.1 beta which was recently released and of which there is presently no 64-bit version. Sometimes I think I need to draw a picture to keep all these versions straight (but where to find software that can enable such creativity?).

19 Responses to Flash Player 10 Security Update

  1. agentlame says:

    Obviously, it is The GIMP you’re thinking of:www.gimp.orgI know there is a company that make proprietary software package like The GIMP, but I doubt you be interested; it does not run on Linux.

  2. Oded says:

    Such software? How about GIMP? ;-)Or Karbon14.

  3. Mace Moneta says:

    For this application, a vector graphics application would be better: Dia or Inkscape.On a more serious note, why isn’t a 64-bit 10.1 available? The release split seems to imply that separate development groups are responsible, but that would be silly.Some recent surveys I saw showed more people running 64-bit than 32-bit. Is Adobe putting its resources in the right place?

  4. Peter J. says:

    You don’t happen to know if it includes the LAHF fix from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1263905 ? [ Apparently no, according to the next comment. -Mike M. ]

  5. Ben says:

    Glad to see that bug FP-1026 is still going strong with this release (Firefox crashes with “illegal instruction” on x86_64 architecture). I guess this qualifies as a “makes the plugin completely useless” issue rather then a “security” issue and thus wasn’t fixed.Speaking of security, is there some reason why I no longer have permission to view that bug anymore even with being logged into the bug tracking system?Url: http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-1026 [ The good news is that we have fixed that issue in the 10.1 code lineage, just not in 10.0. The bad news is that, well… we don’t have a 10.1 64-bit beta available right now. -Mike M. ] One last bit of awesomeness: captcha is “crah2x” .. gimme an “s”! [ There’s a CAPTCHA on my blog? How about that, there is! That’s the first time I noticed, thanks. I wonder when the blogging team added that? -Mike M. ]

  6. Evan M says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work!(PS: Just because you mostly get cranky comments doesn’t mean most people reading this are cranky.)

  7. drwho says:

    Any word on whether the 10.1 player is vulnerable to the security issues that 10.0.42 fixes? Also, a debug version of the 10.1 beta would be very awesome. 🙂

  8. Peter J. says:

    Thanks for following up, and (echoing others) thanks for keeping Linux folk informed!

  9. bdiggitydog says:

    Is the 10.1 beta going to be a 10.1 beta on linux or a 10.1 alpha?There is a big difference, since the distributions won’t package an alpha. (even though the alpha is better than the nspluginwapper nonsense)

  10. sucks says:

    It sucks. Flash on linux just sucks. Period.

  11. Gabor Lontay says:

    Do you have any news on the standalone flashplayer release for x86_64? Is it planned? I would need it for continous integration tests with flexunit/flexmojos. Thanks!

  12. John Levon says:

    Is there any way for Flash to support Xinerama? When I full-screen anything Flash, it always appears on the 1st screen even if Firefox is on the 2nd screen (Firefox itself full-screens correctly).

  13. rummik says:

    Hm…seems they forgot the PPC release again.

  14. Adrien Béraud says:

    Thanks to you and Adobe for releasing a Flash Player for Linux, but can you please communicate more on the development.There is a very annoying bug in the last 64 version that prevents me to click on a button !I don’t even know if you’re aware of this bug.Thanks!

  15. Steven B. says:

    Could you guys please just fix the 64 bit version for 10.0.x? You know it’s unusable right? Is the security fix to ensure that no one uses the flash plugin on 64 bit in Linux?That seems to work – but then no one gets to view flash pages. Not sure if that’s optimal.

  16. Knic Knic says:

    Flash on linux is so much slower and doesn’t upscale without slowing a modern cpu to a crawl.

  17. meowcats says:

    Really? No x86_64? Guess us x86_64 users (there are ALOT) have one more reason to COMPLETELY abandon all adobe products.

  18. Ernst says:

    Why doesn’t the Linux Flash Player use OpenGL for fullscreen scaling when using an open-source driver? That’s the case, if I remember correctly? And do you still do ps -a | grep compiz and disable OpenGL accelleration? I think it’s time to stop doing that and let opensource devs fix any bugs that may be left. [ Read about the override switch: http://blogs.adobe.com/penguin.swf/2008/05/flash_uses_the_gpu.html -Mike M. ]

  19. Anon says:

    Could it be a new 64 bit flash plugin on http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html (for all the major platforms and Linux)? Thanks Mike!