Flash Player 10.1 Beta 3

The third beta of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 (designated is available for download in labs, including 32-bit Linux.

8 Responses to Flash Player 10.1 Beta 3

  1. Is there a good place to file bugs? I’ve noticed that the Linux version of Flash only looks in /etc/ssl/certs for system certificates. But that location is only valid on Debian. Certs should be found in /etc/pki/tls/certs as well.[ https://bugs.adobe.com/flashplayer/ ; thanks. -Mike M. ]

  2. James says:

    Will Flash on Linux support Adobe® Flash® Access™?[ Yes. -Mike M. ]

  3. Peter says:

    What the heck has gone with the 64-bit Linux version? You guys are really weird. Haven’t come up with the release in such a long time, and now have even closed the development. Wish you luck with your rewrite, or whatever.

  4. Maxim says:

    So once again 64 bit is forgotten?What is going on?

  5. joejoe says:

    What happened with the 64 bit development? Dead project? Adobe thinks there’s no need for 64 bit computing?

  6. arbitrary says:

    Will you at least please release a fix for the critical security vulnerability in the latest (well, all) 64-bit flash player, so that we may use it?

  7. shaborb says:

    64-BIT NOW!!!1!!

  8. Peter says:

    Please fix the vulnerability in t he last 64-bit player!