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Operating in Parallel with RemoteObject

You probably know that data services in Flex are asynchronous. That is, when you make a data service request, the result does not come back immediately. You set up handlers for the results when they are returned.

As Flex applications become more complex, there is more reliance on communication with servers via the Flex data services.

One of those services, RemoteObject, is especially useful if your server-side code is running on the same application server as the Flex engine. RemoteObject calls are faster that WebServices and HTTPServices because the information is exchanged in binary.

But RemoteObject has a secret. Well, it has a not-so-well advertised behavior. While it is true that requests made with RemoteObject data services are asynchronous, they are not parallel.

That is, if you make 3 requests using HTTPService you get the results returned when each request completes. For example, if one request takes 2 seconds, another takes 10 seconds, and another takes 30 seconds, you get the first results back in 2 seconds, the next comes about 8 seconds later, and last comes some 20 seconds after that.

If make 3 requests using RemoteObject, you get the results when they ALL complete. That is, your results come back in 40 seconds.

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Bogus Posts

This weblog has recently been the victim of unwanted comments concerning gambling. These comments have been filled with links to websites that I do not endorse.

I have tried to remove them as quickly as possible. But it has forced me to turn off the ability for you to post comments about the articles.

I’m sorry that persons unknown have forced me to take this measure. It is very sad world when you cannot even put out information for the enjoyment of others without it being corrupted by someone without anything better to do.

If you have a comment or question about any of my entries, you know how to get in touch with me.