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Calculating Bandwidth and License Needs for Flash Communicatin Server

The Flash Communication Server comes in three flavors: Developer, Personal, and Professional. Choosing the right license depends on your application and content. If you want to stream pre-recorded video to hundreds of users or carry on a simple two-way chat, this article is for you.

Download this PDF, written by our own Chris Hock, for all the details.

Using Flex with .NET

Flex 1.5 is a J2EE system and cannot be installed to run with .NET or IIS. This is unfortunate if you are a .NET shop.

But you do have some alternatives.

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doLater vs setInterval

Here’s a brief explanation of how you can delay the execution of a function and why you would want to do that.

Most programming languages have a way for you to execute code after a delay. These are timer functions – you set a delay and after that time period expires the code you specify executes. Java for example, has the Thread.sleep() method.

ActionScript is no different. If you want to make a clock for example, you’d like to have the second hand move every, well, second. Since the computer is capable of executing hundreds of instructions per second, you need to set a timer so that the code to position the hands of clock executes every second or 1,000 milliseconds.

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