File Upload is Here!

At long last, it is now easy to upload files from Flash and Flex applications. Thanks to a new feature of Flash Player 8, you can abandon your clunky, quirky, javascript and invisible HTML forms.

Follow this link to learn more about file upload as well as new features in Flash Player 8 that benefit Flex.

I have to tell you, as a vetern of adding file upload capability to Flash applications, this is truely a godsend. The Flash engineers have listened and really came through.

Oh yeah, your Flex apps run much faster and use less memory, too!

6 Responses to File Upload is Here!

  1. hosey says:

    My question about file upload is, do we have access to the contents of a file before uploading? I have a flash app that needs to import a xml file of the users choosing. Which means I upload it and bounce it back. Then use local connection to puch it into app.

  2. flashape says:

    hosy – wouldn’t be way too big of a security risk for mm to take with the flash player.

  3. flashape says:

    sorry..i mean, don’t you think that would be too big of a security risk?

  4. hosey says:

    Probably, and I am sure someone would abuse it…but I was just looking at the API for Central…It would be nice..sigh…

  5. Is there a way to upload an image using remote objects instead of sending the image to the server using a post

  6. Peter Ent says:

    You cannot use the FileReference API with RemoteObject and FileReference is the only way to browse for a file.

    However, if you already have the image loaded, then should be able to get to its bytes (see BitmapData) and send those via RemoteObject. I’ve not done that, so I’m not 100% positive it will work.