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Hilighting Bars in Charts

This quick blog entry shows how you can write a custom renderer for a Chart that highlights a bar when the mouse is dragged over a DataGrid. You can adapt the bits of this code to your needs.

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MAX 2005: Report from the Field

It’s about time I sat down and wrote about my experience here at MAX 2005 in Anaheim, CA, while it is still fresh and still happening.

Now it is a question of where to begin. There’s always something to learn. The sessions have so much content and there’s never enough time to absorb it all. I had the priviledge of assisting in several training sessions with Matt Boles, David Gassner, and Jeff Tapper. Of course these were Flex-oriented and I really hope that if you attended any of them, you got something out of them.

This is a great time for the Flash Player platform. So many things: Flex 1.5, Flex 2 Alpha, Breeze and Breeze add-ons, Flash Mobile, and on and on.

I heard so many people buzzing about Studio 8 and how it was a great release. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so.

I want to thank everyone for saying ‘hello’ and talking to me about your projects and what you want out of Flex. Please download and join the Alpha. It is very important for us to hear from you as this product is for you.

We at Macromedia are in the business of making you and your company succeed. It truely is about the experience. Your feedback during the Alpha phase enables the product to grow in ways that enable you. We can put in features we think you might like, but wouldn’t it better to put in features you need and want?

If you could not attend MAX this year, you can catch what’s happening on the blogs and forums. And make plans for next year. We have almost 3,000 people attend this year and look forward to seeing you there/here next year.

Flash Player 8: Auto Update

When prompted to perform a Flash Player update, users with beta versions of Flash Player 8 will NOT be able to successfully update using the auto-update mechanism. If you have a public beta version of Flash Player 8 installed, please update to the release version of the Player by going to