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Flex 1.5 Flickr PhotoSearch Application

If you were present at MAX 2005 and/or have begun particpation in the Flex 2 Alpha project at Macromedia Labs, you will have seen a demonstration of Flex 2 that uses the Flickr service to display images.

I was intrigued by this because I saw an opportunity to build my own Flickr application in Flex. I decided to use Flex 1.5 first because I have not spent much time with Flex 2. That will come shortly.

I wanted to build a ‘real world’ application that any of Macromedia’s customers might build. It is one thing to support a product and while I was an avid user of Flex before joining Macromedia, I haven’t built an application in a long time. Flickr provided an excellent excuse because I did not have to build the back-end.

If you are interested in my application, you can download it from the link below. You will need your own Flickr account however, so set that up first. And you will need to get a Flickr API key as well as I have removed mine from the source code.

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Coding Advice

If you have been following along with the Flex 2 announcements, you have noticed that Flex 2 will be using ActionScript 3. Flex 1.5 uses ActionScript 2. The benefits of ActionScript 3 are too numerous to name here, but I thought I’d give a couple of pieces of advice for coding Flex 1.5 in anticpation of moving to Flex 2.

This advice should get you used to coding in AS 3 “mode” and reduce the number of changes you will have to make.

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