Flex 2.0 Beta

Been to Adobe Labs recently? Well head on over and check out the Flex 2 Beta! I think you’ll been very surprised by what you find there.

The Flex engineering teams have done an outstanding job and Flex 2 is something we are all proud of. And with your help, just as with the Alpha, Flex can become even better.

So if you resisted the pull of the Alpha, then take the plunge with the Beta!

6 Responses to Flex 2.0 Beta

  1. Sheng says:

    Very impressive to Flex 2 beta 1. Thanks!
    Unfortunately your photosearch is not compatible. Changing names of controls is fine. But what disturbing me most is the security issue. We cannot see the image from Flickr. I am sure that is only configuration issue, but I don’t know where to fix. Can you give me some hints? Thanks!

    Here is the error message:

    SecurityDomain ‘file:///D:/eclipse/flex2beta1/Flickr_PhotoSearch/bin/Main-debug.swf’ hat versucht, auf inkompatiblen Kontext ‘http://static.flickr.com/36/93585399_51ca62540d_t.jpg’ zuzugreifen
    SecurityError: Error #2047: Security sandbox violation: ‘content’: ‘file:///D:/eclipse/flex2beta1/Flickr_PhotoSearch/bin/Main-debug.swf’ may not access ‘http://static.flickr.com/36/93585399_51ca62540d_t.jpg’.
    at mx.controls::Loader/get content()[C:\dev\beta1\sdk\frameworks\mx\controls\Loader.as:417]
    at ui::Thumbnail/ui:Thumbnail::completeLoad()[D:\eclipse\flex2beta1\Flickr_PhotoSearch\ui\Thumbnail.mxml:45]
    at ui::Thumbnail/__img_complete()[D:\eclipse\flex2beta1\Flickr_PhotoSearch\ui\Thumbnail.mxml:86]
    at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent()
    at mx.controls::Loader/completeEventHandler()[C:\dev\beta1\sdk\frameworks\mx\controls\Loader.as:950]
    at mx.controls::Image/completeEventHandler()[C:\dev\beta1\sdk\frameworks\mx\controls\Image.as:209]

  2. Peter Ent says:

    After I released this and just before the Beta we found a bug and fixed it.

    You are much better off running this application from the Labs’s Showcase page. You won’t have this issue.

    You should take the SOURCE from the Labs showcase page, too, as that has the temporary fix in it. When you run the application from the Labs’ site, right click the mouse and in the Menu that displays should be a View Source button.

  3. Sheng says:

    Thanks! Peter!

    I install both FlashPlayer 8.5 Alpha 3 (ActiveX and Plugin). In Internet Explorer, I cannot see the showcases, because it says that FlashPlayer is needed (I have restarted Windoes.) In Firefox 1.5, I can see the showcases, but when I click on “View Source” in popup menu, nothing is shown.

    Any ideas?

  4. Tim Abbott says:


    I’d try turning off popup blocking for the macromedia blog in firefox. That should fix the issue of not being able to see the source.


  5. Orlando Campbell says:


    With the new changes in Flex 2.0 I was wondering if it would be possible to combine those new features with that of the new Gateway Tablet PC. The new Gateway Tablet allows users to, for example, draw a circle around data, thereby isolating the information of concern.

    If using a Flex generated application on the new Tablet PC would it be possible to draw that circle around an area of a BarChart or PieChart and have the detailed supporting data come up in a different window for further drill-down or a different area of the same window?

  6. Peter Ent says:

    Orlando – what you are suggesting doesn’t have anything to do with the machine. Flex applications do not run as a native application would. While you can run Flex apps in a projector – a standalone version of the Flash Player – the Flex application is still computer-independent. Normally Flex apps are run in a Flash Player plug-in to a browser.

    You could draw a circle on the chart because Flex apps run in the Flash Player. You would have to write that ActionScript code as there isn’t anything in Flex or Flash that has that built-in.