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Component “Templates” in Flex 2.0

First, let me be very clear: Flex 2.0 does NOT support templates. But this article will show you a way to make it look and act as if it does.

A “template” is different from a custom component. A template typically specifies a number of parts with some of the areas left open for substitution. I think of templates as being done exclusively in MXML whereas components can be 100% ActionScript or a combination of AS and MXML. Dreamweaver has the ability to do templates using regions.

Note: An example is available for download at the end of the article.

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Flex 2 Beta 2

In case you haven’t heard… Flex 2 Beta 2 is now publically available from our Adobe Labs site.

If you have been using the Beta 1 version, you MUST read the migration document as quite a few things have changed. The Flex 2 Team has been hard at work, not only making Flex 2 better and incorporating a number of suggestions received during the Alpha and Beta 1 phases, but also making sure Flex 2 was even easier to learn for newcomers.

So when you find that you have to make some spelling changes (eg, Void is now void), keep in mind that we a) want to be in sync with the standard and b) we want to clarify classes and code names to make the easier to remember for everyone.

It’s all good, trust me.

Update to IE May Affect Flex Application

Microsoft has released an optional update to IE which will cause ALL ActiveX based controls (such as the Flash Player) to require a user to either click on the Flash Player or press Tab or Enter before the Flash Player will become interactive.

Adobe has responded with the hotfix. Please see this technical for the full information: