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New Flash Player 9 Debug Version

A new debug version of Flash Player 9, to be exact, is available at this link:

As of today, the Flex Builder 2 download contains this new debug Player.

We released version 9.0.16 as a Release (non-debug) version and as the debug version. If you had already installed 9.0.16 you were not able to ‘update’ it to the debug version, 9.0.15, because of the rev number.

The updated Flash Player 9, debug version, 9.0.16, fixes that problem.

Flex 2.0 Now Available

Today is the day! After months of development, thousands of hours of QA, and engaging many of you in Alpha and Beta tests, Adobe is making Flex 2 available for sale.

Flex is now more affordable than ever. Here are some details:

  • Adobe Flex 2 SDK Price: FREE
  • Flex Data Services Express (1 non-clustered CPU, 1 application, unlimited users): FREE
  • Adobe Flex Builder 2: $499
  • Adobe Flex Builder 2 with Charting: $749
  • Flex Charting Components (Alone): $299
  • Flex Data Services (Departmental license) : $6,000 per CPU, with a limit of 100 concurrent users per cluster
  • Flex Data Services (Enterprise license): $20,000 per CPU

Here are some FAQs to go along with this:

Q1: What are the limitations of Flex 2 SDK?

A: The Flex 2 SDK is production use software that allows the deployment of any number of applications, on any number of CPUs to any number of users. There are some limitations in the license that restricts the redistribution of the SDK in commercially distributed software.

Q2: How do you quantify the limitations for Flex Data Services Express?

A: Flex Data Services Express is production software that can be deployed only on a single, non clustered CPU. The Express license does not allow (1) install, use or access of Adobe Flex Data Services Express software on more than one CPU (2) cluster any CPUs, and/or use load balancing software or hardware; and (3) can not deploy any unique application on multiple disconnected single CPUs, including kiosks and other such devices.

Q3: How do you measure concurrent users in the Flex Data Services departmental license?

A: Concurrent users will be counted by the number of unique IP connections to the CPU and/or CPU cluster.

Q4: Is there a limit on concurrent users for Flex Data Service (Enterprise)?

A: No, there are no concurrent user limitations for Flex Data Services Enterprise license.

Q5: What is the stand alone version of Adobe Charting Components?

A: The Adobe Charting Components are intended to be used with the Flex SDK to provide developers access to the charting library.

Q6: Can ISV companies redistribute the SDK?

A: There are some limitations in the license that restricts the redistribution of the SDK in commercially distributed software.

Q7: What is

A: is a starting point for developers working with Adobe Flex Builder 2, Flex Data Services 2, and the Flex 2 SDK. Here you will find links to technical and support resources from both Adobe and the developer community. We are working to evolve this site over time.

Q8: How can community members let us know about issues or bugs?

A: If you found a bug, or didn’t find the feature you were looking for, the Flex team wants to hear from you

Follow these links for more information: – the developer center for the Flex product line. – a starting point for finding Flex resources online.
Flex 2 Migration Guide – provides extremely useful information if you intend to port Flex 1.5 to Flex 2.

I want to thank all of our customers for their hard work and committment to Flash Technology and for making Flex 2 the best product we’ve ever released (my opinion).

I also want to thank the Flex engineering, ColdFusion engineering, QA, and Documentation teams for making an outstanding product.

If you haven’t tried Flex 2 yet, you’ll be amazed at what it can do.