If you haven’t registered for MAX yet, you have until Oct 16.

I was sent the following information about MAX2006 which I’ll share with you. This should be a really exciting show.

MAX legacy

I have heard some rumblings that this MAX may not be the same as previous MAX events and I’d like offer an alternative point of view.  I expect this years’ event to exceed the expectations of our audience, not only in terms of the content and execution, but the new opportunities that are emerging for our developer community (ie Apollo, Flex/Livecycle, mobile, etc).  The event is comprised of essentially the same ingredients as in years past and a lot of the same folks are working to make this the best MAX ever.  

I’m not sure how widespread this is (I suspect not very wide as we have reached the equivalent attendance as last year), but I did want to state that Adobe is committed to MAX in more ways than just holding an event.  


In the day 1 keynote, you’ll see Shantanu Narayen and Kevin Lynch, along with a cast of other folks demonstrate the Adobe Engagement Platform.  You’ll see demos of both current and future technologies, including the anticipated Apollo release of our client platform.  Don’t miss the opening experience which will remain a secret until show time.  

In the day 2 keynote, Al Ramadan will share what’s happening with Adobe’s mobile solutions around the world, including some updates that will turn some heads in the US market.  Adobe’s CEO, Bruce Chizen will present the annual MAX Awards, a celebration of the incredible work being done in the community today.  There will also be some fun and surprises in this session as well.

Sneak peeks

While the sneaks haven’t been finalized, there will be around 10 sneaks from the engineering teams that are exclusive to MAX, and will not be broadcasted outside of this event.  Our Labs community is growing, and we’ll be showing some things that won’t even be on Labs for some time, along with a few that will be heading there very soon.

What’s more?

Tons of networking opportunities, the annual MAX party, Las Vegas, talking about frameworks, YouTube – who would want to miss this?

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