A Flex Weblog

A couple of weeks ago I was writing a blog entry and got a little frustrated with the formatting. I decided to try my hand at writing a blog and blog editor in Flex 2.

You can click here to see the result: Peter Ent’s Flex 2 Weblog The source is available by right-clicking and picking View Source from the menu. The source includes the blog editor.

One of the tricky things was being to embed images and swfs within the articles. I really wanted to be able to insert live SWFs and the Rich Text Editor isn’t capable to doing that.

If you build the blog editor you’ll see that I used Alex Uhlmann‘s Distoration Effects package, CubeRotate, effect. This effect is more, to me, than just cool. It makes good use of screen real estate; you will need to use his SWC to run the application.

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