Enhance the User Experience with Effects

May be you haven’t tried any of the effects available in Flex or, if you have, found Fade, Wipse, Move, Zoom, etc. to be fine, but a little ho-hum.

You’ve probably discovered that you can add effects when components are hidden (hideEffect) or shown (showEffect) and may be you’ve even tried effects in Transitions. If you haven’t, experiment a little to see if you can make your Flex app have that little bit o’ something that makes the application easier and more enjoyable to use.

You can also enhance the effects by using easing functions. For example, with easing functions you make a child of a ViewStack bounce into position. The easing functions are pretty easy to use, just follow the examples in the documentation.

For some exta pow! check out the blogs from Alex Uhlmann and Ely Greenfield. There are some amazing effects you can use with Flex.

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