Apollo Music Player Redux

After I received a comment on the previous Apollo Music Player article I decided to implement the missing feature of selecting the music library directory.

The new version, available for download here or on the previous article, has an option button on the Library panel where you can select the directory containing the music files. If you are interested in seeing how to use the Apollo File class and supporting UI components such as FileSystemList, take a look at this new source code.

Library Options Button

Library Options Dialog

Also, I should add to the to-do list "Playlist" as there is no support for them in my version. It is pretty amazing how complex something as simple as a program to play an MP3 file can get.

Download AIR installer. This requires the Apollo Alpha1 runtime. The file may download as a .zip file (for some reason I don’t understand). Rename it .air before launching it. Just double-click it once you have the Apollo runtime installed.

Download Source. The source is missing the Visualization source code by Ben Stucki. If you want to use it, please download the latest copy from the Adobe Exchange. This new source code has been restructured a little and I’ve added comments to the code.