Adobe Announces FrameMaker 8

Adobe has released FrameMaker 8!

FrameMaker 8 Home Page

I could put here all of the marketing info and excerpts from the site, but instead, I’ll tell you about my experience with FrameMaker.

Back in the late 1980s I was working for a start-up company that developed molecular modeling tools and scientific publication software. To document what we were doing we used FrameMaker. At the time, FrameMaker came from a company called Frame Technologies which Adobe later acquired. When I left that company I was using FrameMaker 2.1.

I remember this clearly because I thought then, and certainly do now, that FrameMaker was the best document-making software I had ever used. I love FrameMaker. It is so easy to use and so powerful that I never understood why any company would use Word. Word is hard to use, its user interface often doesn’t make sense. For example, how many times have you formatted something, then gone back to change it and it mysteriously reverts to a previous format?

Worse, what about all those documents created by folks who don’t use Word formats and just insert blank lines for new paragraphs and you have to go and clean it up? Or who invent their own formats and nothing in your company winds up following the same standards?

Do yourself a favor and try FrameMaker. Yes, I know I work for Adobe and “what did you expect him to say” crosses your mind. But trust me on this one, even if I didn’t work for Adobe, I would tell you how great FrameMaker is. Ask anyone I’ve worked with since 1990 and they’ll tell you I’ve mentioned at least once, usually when I had to use Word.

2 Responses to Adobe Announces FrameMaker 8

  1. Karsten says:

    Hi Peter,
    I totally agree: FrameMaker rocks and I wrote and designed a couple of books with it – but alas! no Mac version no more since I think since FrameMaker 5? – so FrameMaker is out for me for quite a time, so with new InDesign version I hope for some FrameMaker goodies to show up.