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MAX 2007 Update

For everyone who’s asked – I am *not* going to be at MAX this year. It would be great to meet you all in person and I hope to get the opportunity next year.

While at MAX take the opportunity to meet your colleagues – MAX is a great place to network and you never know, that person you eat lunch with might have the next great idea that you can help make a reality!

Also stop by the Support desk and meet members of the Adobe Support teams. They are available to answer your questions and experts in all our products will be there throughout the show.

Have a safe and most excellent MAX!

Sharing Data Between Applications

This is a topic that comes up from time to time and is applicable to both Flash and Flex as the solution lies within the Flash Player.

Let’s say you have a customer’s profile you’d like to store on their local machine. Perhaps your web site has multiple HTML pages, some with Flash or Flex applications and you would like those applications to use the same customer profile information.

Providing this is not a lot of information, the SharedObject is the best way to go. SharedObject is a class for, well, sharing data. A small data file is stored on the local computer and requires the end-user’s consent (which is granted by default). The end-user also has control over how much space to allocate for ALL SharedObjects – not just for your applications. Bear these restrictions in mind when writing your applications – you may need to query the user for the information if it cannot be stored and retrieved.

Download Sample Flex Application

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MAX 2007

While the 2008 Summer Olympics are still 323 days away, MAX 2007 is only 7! You still have the opportunity to register online. We’re expecting MAX to be bigger than ever and it’s a great opportunity for you to meet other Adobe customers that share your areas of interest and expertise. MAX is also an excellent place to learn about other products and solutions. Best of all, you can meet us! Adobe employees from all products and areas will be around to meet you and answer any questions you have. Be sure to stop by the Support Desk, too, and say “Hello”.

Go to the MAX site and register today:

Adobe Announces Audition 3 and Previews Flash Media Server 3

We’ve just made some news! Check out the Adobe Press releases at which include:

  1. Adobe Announces Audition 3
  2. Adobe Previews Flash Media Server 3 at IBC
  3. Cisco Accelerates Delivery of ‘Any Stream to Any Screen’ with Adobe Flash Streaming Enhancements to the Cisco Content Delivery System
  4. Adobe Media Player Drives Fusion of TV and the Internet
  5. Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Adds Support for Panasonic P2 (Media Alert/email only)