Childhood Memories

I was cleaning out my hard drive the other day and came across a directory of old Flash programs. One of these is a demo of the Flash Drawing API that I had set into the background of old my website.

The algorithms are based on the Spirograph(tm) drawing kit I had as a kid. As I recall, no one but me was interested in it (I guess because it didn’t come with an ‘action figure’).

Anyway, here it is running below and you can download the code from the link here Enjoy.

Download source

2 Responses to Childhood Memories

  1. Ben says:

    Fun stuff! I think I can really benefit from this sample, thanks for posting it!

  2. polyGeek says:

    Nice work. Thanks for sharing Peter.

    Oh, and sorry about all the whooping while you were filming the sneaks session at MAX. I was a little tipsy from all the wine Adobe was serving. 🙂