Atmospheres Music Player Update for AIR Beta 3

I have (finally) ported the Atmospheres AIR Music Player to Flex 3 Beta 3. You can get the complete code as a Flex Builder 3 Beta 3 project at the following link:

Download Atmospheres Beta 3 Project Here

You will need the Flex 3 Beta 3 software from Adobe Labs. This will also install the newest version of AIR. You may find however, that older AIR applications will no longer run.

There are a couple of changes from the previous version of this application:

The music player uses a component I wrote called ScrollingText. This displays a moving banner at the top of the application showing the artist, track, and composer of the current song.

Drag and drop has changed. You can still drag both Albums and Tracks into the Playlist area, but the feedback is different. That’s because in Beta 3, AIR applications use the native drag and drop. This means your AIR applications can exchange data with desktop applications. Very nice, but I liked the image proxies. Hopefully that will become an option by the final release.

Friday, March 7 2008: I’ve updated the link associated with this article.

3 Responses to Atmospheres Music Player Update for AIR Beta 3

  1. Craig says:

    pent, have you seen any issues with loading the SecureAMFChannel? I have now been working 4 days on trying to solve a strange issue where this will not load. The strange thing is, I can load a non-secure call to the standard amfchannel in every browser except IE? FireFox on PC, Safari,Firefox, and Camino on mac! Sorry for asking the question here …
    Check Lin Lin’s blog. IE has some issues with certificates.

  2. Todd says:

    The download link at does not work. Any alternatives? I’m very interested in getting a working app, so as to learn how you did the theming of appearance.
    Peter: I’m in the process of revamping the site. I will make a new link to this available shortly.