Comcast Uses Flash Video

Comcast has a new beta site, FANCAST, where you can watch streaming episodes of many of your favorite shows. You can watch something as recent as a latest 30 Rock or something as old as the first Lost in Space from the 1960’s (in black-and-white no less). Oh, an it’s FREE! At least for now.

I suppose Comcast could have choosen to use any number of web technologies to do this, but to me, chosing Flash Video was the right choice. OK, I am a bit biased, but come on, this is really cool technology. Look at all the different ways video is being presented on the web when used with Flash Video.

I’ve watched a couple of episodes on both fast and slow connections including WiFi. Never a hiccup. That may change as more people find out about FANCAST, but that only means Comcast needs to upgrade its equipment, not the software.

For more information about Flash Video, check out the new Flash Media Server.