Adobe Releases Flex 3 and AIR

It’s finally here: Adobe Flex 3 has offically been released. Check out the press release for all the details. Be sure to check the Flex Product Page. You’ll find a product information, demos, tips, and more on the product pages.

If you have been using Flex 3 Beta – we can’t thank you enough for helping us make the product better. Your Flex 3 Beta 3 licenses should work for a little while longer.

Tip: If you have been using Flex Builder 2 PLUGIN for Eclipse 3.2, and want to move to Flex 3 PLUGIN, I suggest you uninstall the Flex Builder 2 PLUGIN, upgrade to Eclipse 3.3, then install the Flex Builder 3 PLUGIN – a couple more steps but the transition will be cleaner.

If you don’t intend to start using Flex 3 right away, it is still a good idea to move to Flex Builder 3. That’s because Flex Builder 3 can also handle projects created with the Flex 2 SDK. That’s right – Flex 3 can use multiple SDKs. This will allow you to continue to work on your Flex 2 projects AND allow you to explore Flex 3 and test your software with the new SDK.

Here are few more related announcements:

  • & projects are live. In addition, we are announcing that we are joining the SQLite Consortium (
  • Big companies are launching production apps on Adobe AIR today, concurrent with our release. Press Release
  • 30onAIR – Join in the launch fun by recording a 30-second video on Why Flex, Why AIR or Why CF.


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