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Adobe’s just released a new product- the Adobe Media Player. This application is built upon AIR using the Flex 3 SDK. The AMP is a new type of video player.

As I write this I’m watching an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series from January 1968. It looks terrific and streams smoothly. There are a dozens of shows to choose from.

I personally think this is paving the way for the future of home entertainment. Why be at the mercy of the cable or satellite companies when the content you want to watch is available when you want to watch it. Right now you can download movies from iTunes and Amazon Unbox. NBC and FOX have the Hulu joint venture with movies and TV shows. I haven’t rented a movie at a movie rental store in who-knows-how-long.

For me, the problem is making the interface to these services as easy as bringing up the guide on my TiVo and as simple to connect all the boxes together.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement:

It [AMP] provides high quality video playback of streamed, downloaded, or locally stored Internet TV shows and video podcasts. Users can subscribe to Internet television shows and other online video content, have them download automatically in the background, and later view them on demand. AMP’s user interface optimizes the user experience, allowing users to easily enjoy finding and viewing their favorite shows.

AMP represents a tool that is not only important to consumers, but publishers who want to monetize advertisements.  The last couple of months we have been working very hard to get the top broadcasters signed to provide content through AMP. We have successfully signed CBS, MTV and Food Network as just a few that will be part of our launch.

Download Adobe Media Player today!

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  1. sesli sohbet says:

    That is an excellent post and really read it – was usefull keep up the good work.

  2. seslichat says:

    It can also get kind of hairy when trying to get it to understand what a conversion is. Instead of just any click, it needs to be one specific click