Ruth G. Chamberlain

In memoriam…

Ruth Chamberlain

Early in the morning of April 28, 2008, my mother, Ruth Chamberlain, passed away. She was 89 years old and suffered from emphysema.

My mother often worked two jobs while I was growing up and it was while she was working that she was most happy. She managed to work until she was 86 and was, at the time, the oldest employee of A.C. Moore. I think I take after her in that respect.

I am not writing this article for your sympathy, but to be another voice and to challenge you and remind you of the effects of smoking. You see, my mother smoked most of her adult life. She quit smoking in her 60s, but still, 20 years later, it caught up with her.

She spent her last years in a nursing home because of her breathing. She had to be on oxygen all of the time and took medication several times a day. Toward the end her breathing became more and more difficult until she couldn’t do it any longer.

If you smoke – STOP NOW. For yourself, for those you love and who love you. STOP NOW for your friends and co-workers. STOP NOW for your pets too.

My mother was fond of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. If you care to make a donation I know they would love it.

Thanks to my mom for raising me and giving me the opportunity to work and do what I love to do best.

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