Genesis at MAX 2008

If you planning to be at MAX, make sure you head to the Genesis session. As you may know, I’m part of the team working on Genesis.

Follow this link to learn more about Genesis:

Project Genesis at Adobe

The presentation will be given by Matthias Zeller who will introduce Genesis and explain its purpose and capabilities.

5 Responses to Genesis at MAX 2008

  1. No Genesis at MAX EU apparently… 🙁

  2. Blake K. says:

    So it’s “a new way of distributing your apps”. Can you tell us which of the current ones it most like? The two that come to mind are Salesforce AppExchange and of course the Apple’s App Store, though the mash-up and collaboration mentions make it sound like there would need to be code tweaking to get the apps to play in a common sandbox.

  3. Peter Ent says:

    Genesis has the notion of a catalog, similar to the Apple App Store. The difference is that any company can host is own catalog and Genesis can provide a list of catalogs to each user. You might, for example, pick a tile from the Adobe catalog and then switch your company’s catalog and pick a tile from there. There is an API tiles can use to communicate with each other and these two tiles, from completely different catalogs, could exchange data (if it makes sense for them to do so).

  4. Hi, Peter!
    I want to contact you for you to authorize me a change in your MaskedInput component
    the changed function is pasted bellow and I need to change it because the values from SQL, came with ‘/’ and the MaskedInput format it incorrectly

    override public function set text(value:String):void
    for (var i:int=0; i<value.length; i++) {
    if (inputMask.charAt(i)==value.charAt(i)) {
    _text = _text+value.charAt(i);
    //_text = value;
    bTextUpdated = true;

  5. Peter Ent says:

    Thanks for the tip; you are welcome to download the code and change it for your own use.