Adobe AIR 1.5 Announced at MAX 2008

Adobe has announced the availability of Adobe AIR 1.5. The new version of AIR also includes all of the capabilities of Flash Player 10.

More details can be found on the Adobe AIR Blog

2 Responses to Adobe AIR 1.5 Announced at MAX 2008

  1. Stanislav Zayarsky says:


    I have tough question about AIR, and no luck with answer from official adobe support forum. So I hope you can help me.

    We’ve bumped into troubles while developing AIR application. The problem is in installation of this AIR application under Windows by a user without administrator privileges. When installing application user selects installation folder he has permission to write to. After installation begins it ends with error #0: Some error occurred…
    If the application is already installed to that location (for example by administrator) and user runs it the application checks for updates. If there are any application tries to update itself. But once again if user is not an administrator update process is finished with “Error occurred during update” and thus application cannot be run.

    Hence question. Is there any way to update (and maybe install) AIR application if it is run by a regular user (not an administrator) in Windows (both XP and Vista)?

    Stanislav Zayarsky

  2. Peter Ent says:

    The person who installs AIR or AIR applications must have admin. privileges, there is no way around this. I suggest you post the update issue onto the AIR forum or log a bug at, to let our engineers know.