Photoshop JDIs

The Photoshop team is always working on major new features that extend our imaging capabilities. Along with these new features, we get smaller enhancements (called JDIs at Adobe). In this video, Matthew Pizzi from Train Simple explains some of the smaller updates in the latest version of Photoshop CC.

Photoshop CC JDIs


For a list of the latest Photoshop JDIs, see John Nack’s blog.

Linked Smart Objects – Photoshop 14.2 new feature

Linked Smart Objects are a game changer as Infinite Skills instructor Andy Anderson explains in this video. Follow along, if you like, using the provided sample files.

How to link Smart Objects in Photoshop


Perspective Warp – Photoshop 14.2 new feature

Change the apparent viewpoint of where you took an image with the new Perspective Warp feature. Watch this video by Infinite Skills instructor Andy Anderson and follow along using the sample file.

How to adjust perspective in a photo

Perspective Warp grid

Creative Cloud Learn Central

Take a look at the new Creative Cloud learning resource. Here you can view hundreds of video tutorials presented by expert trainers from Adobe, Infinite Skills,, Kelby Training, Train Simple, and Peachpit.

Creative Cloud Learn is for users of all skill levels. When you need to get started with a new application, discover new features, or master the fundamentals of a Creative Cloud application, you’ll find hours of tutorials to help you improve your skills.




Sharpen in Photoshop

Learn how to get the most out of your images using this sharpening workflow.

How to sharpen photos in Photoshop


Watch the videos and follow along with the sample files as George Jardine guides you through the sharpening controls in Photoshop and Camera Raw. (The capture sharpening video applies to Lightroom also.)

With the new Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop, you can easily use all Camera Raw controls with non-raw photos, including JPEG, TIF and PSD files.

Play the game and learn Photoshop

For you Level Up for Photoshop fans, we have new missions for you to work your way through a poster design.

If you haven’t tried Level Up for Photoshop, here is your chance to join the fun. Play right in Photoshop and learn basic Photoshop skills as you earn points and badges.

Learn more at Level Up for Photoshop.


Getting started with Camera Raw

Learn Camera Raw with Howard Pinsky. This new set of video tutorials explain the advantages of shooting raw format in your camera and how to use Photoshop Camera Raw as the starting point for all your photo edits.

How to make non-destructive edits using Camera Raw


Learn more about Photoshop and Camera Raw on Adobe TV – Learn Photoshop CC.  See Howard’s blog for more Photoshop tutorials.


Getting Started with Lightroom 5

If you are new to Lightroom and want a quick start, here is a new set of video tutorials by George Jardine. Included are tutorial files that you can download and use to follow along.

How to manage all your photos with Lightroom

start_lightroom_hero 2

For more Lightroom tutorials on Adobe TV, see Learn Lightroom 5.  See George’s blog for Lightroom insights and full training courses.

Creating a photo calendar

Robert Rodriquez Jr. is a landscape and nature photographer based in New York’s Hudson Valley. Robert is also a great teacher and shares his passion and expertise in his Beyond the Lens blog.

In this post, How I Make and Sell My Yearly Photo CalendarRobert shows how he created his 2014 calendar using Lightroom, Photoshop and InDesign.


New Lightroom 5 video tutorials

Looking for Lightroom 5 tutorials?  We’ve assembled a collection of over 70 video tutorials to help you get started and learn fundamental tasks and concepts. The videos are made available from courses at Infinite Skills,, Kelby Training, and Adobe Press. Visit these video training providers for complete courses on Lightroom 5.

The following videos were recently added to the show.

The Book Module
How to generate smart previews
Applying more flexible and precise retouching
Introducing the Radial filter
Creating custom page templates
Building a slideshow with still images and video files
Customizing the grid and guide overlays
Advanced Healing Brush and Visualization tool
Smart Previews in Lightroom 5
Automatically leveling your photographs with Upright
Lens corrections in Lightroom 5
Placing photos into books
Page Layout freedom
Converting to Black and White
Applying changes to other photos
Edit in Photoshop
Sharing photos to Facebook
Creating a slideshow
Exporting images
Library module workspace
File renaming options
Printing photos
Portrait touch up in Lightroom 5
Working with panels and Lights Out
Managing and using plugins in Lightroom
Modifying black-and-white tones with the Grayscale panel