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Get the most from Community Help

With the release of Creative Suite 4, Adobe introduced a new model for Help content. Community Help provides user comments and expert moderation on the Help pages themselves, along with optimized web searches that focus on Adobe-approved content for each application.

For a visual explanation of all the options for browsing, searching, and filtering content, check out the following content:

Community Help video:

Community Help instructions:

Great Adobe Bridge CS4 tutorials

There are some great Bridge 3.0 (CS4) tutorials on the web to help you learn and use both new features and old. They can be hard to find, though, so here are links to a few that you might find useful.

Bridge updates, by Dave Cross:

The Complete Picture—New Features in Bridge CS4, by Julieanne Kost:

Using Adobe Bridge in Photoshop CS4, by Chris Orwig:

Photoshop CS4 Getting Started—Getting photos from your camera, by Deke McClelland:{CA9DCC7C-2CB3-4642-8C4D-E32319BCB6AD}&tc=0&height=676&width=880

Essential Bridge preferences, by Chris Owig:
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Grid view in Bridge CS4, by Matt Kloskowski:

Adding file information, by Deke McClelland:{5000B0D3-ADAB-4ACF-92F8-8A60EC30EF37}&tc=0&height=676&width=880

Using Review mode in Bridge CS4, by Terry White:

Using Camera Raw 5 in Bridge and Photoshop CS4, also by Terry White:

New Photoshop and Bridge keyboard shortcuts, by Corey Barker

And last but not least, we’ve got a few more good tutorials by Chris Orwig on the Learn Bridge CS4 channel on Adobe TV:

Introducing Bridge CS4:

Preview and compare images in Review mode:

Working with metadata and keywords:

Creating a web photo gallery: