Synchronizing metadata across Lightroom, Bridge, and Camera Raw

One topic that often comes up in discussion forums is how to synchronize metadata across Lightroom, Bridge, and Camera Raw. It’s easy enough, but our documentation hasn’t addressed it very well: Lightroom Help touched lightly on the topic; Bridge and Camera Raw Help didn’t mention it at all. Until now.

I’ve updated the Lightroom topic Synchronize Lightroom metadata with Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw to more thoroughly explain how to save metadata automatically, to turn on unsaved metadata warning icons so you know when there’s a conflict, and to resolve those conflicts. And now there’s a link to Save metadata changes to a file manually, too.

I’ve also added two new pages: View Camera Raw and Lightroom metadata in Adobe Bridge to Bridge Help and Work with Camera Raw and Lightroom 2 to Camera Raw Help. The former tells you what to do if Bridge previews don’t update to display metadata changes made in Lightroom and Camera Raw. The latter tells you what to do to ensure that Camera Raw recognizes adjustments made Lightroom, and that Lightroom and Bridge recognize adjustments made in Camera Raw.

On a separate note, thanks to customer Lloyd Sarginson, who alerted me that my explanation of how to modify Graduated Filter adjustments in Camera Raw was incorrect. (That’s what happens when you’re writing on a deadline with beta software.) I’ve updated the page, Apply local adjustments with the Graduated Filter tool in Camera Raw, to fix it.

2 Responses to Synchronizing metadata across Lightroom, Bridge, and Camera Raw

  1. rees candee says:

    Hi Anita,
    Thank you for your help in learning these softwares! Is there any information on syncing metadata in Adobe Premiere Pro (CS5), for example, a logging note in the description field, so that it writes it to the metadata in the source file…. which would allow me to search for footage using info in that field while in Bridge?

    Thanks much.

    Rees Candee

    • Anita Dennis says:

      Hi Rees,

      I asked the engineers about video metadata in Lightroom for you. Unfortunately, Lightroom does not create a sidecar file or save any metadata to a video file (you’ll see that those menu items are disabled when video is selected). You can add metadata to a video file and copy/paste/sync it between videos, but that data is only stored in the Lightroom catalog, so it’s not available to Bridge or Premiere Pro. I’ll add this info to the Help the next time I update it.

      Thanks for bringing this up.