Recent updates to Lightroom Help

I’ve been a bit remiss and haven’t told you about some recent updates I’ve made to Lightroom Community Help. New and improved Help is available for these topics:

Change the photo capture time Sounds like an easy task, but Lightroom photos can have the three types of EXIF date/time metadata: Date Time, Date Time Original, and Date Time Digitized. Read the updated topic to find out which one(s) are affected when you change a photo’s capture time.

Specify image sizing The Resize To Fit options in Export dialog are: Width & Height, Dimensions, Long Edge, and Short Edge. Gee, are those confusing? Hopefully not anymore.

Personalize identity plates and module buttons The file formats and size of graphics that can be used as identity plates were incorrectly documented. Thanks, Glyn Churchman, for letting us know.

Search for photos using the Text filter There are four primary rules available to text searches in Lightroom: Contains, Contains All, Contains Words, and Doesn’t Contain. These rules are also available when you create a smart collection. We’ve now defined these rules, and given some examples, so you can use them more effectively.

Create and apply keyword shortcuts Customer Anders Sorensen recently commented that the instructions on this page weren’t clear, and indeed the benefit of being able to quickly apply multiple keywords to multiple photos at once wasn’t obvious. Hopefully, the instructions—and the reasons for using keyword shortcuts—are now more understandable.

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