More Help on backing up catalogs and sharing photos online

Backing up is a critical part of the Lightroom workflow, but we’ve only minimally covered it in Help. Until now. I’ve just posted new content for Lightroom Community Help about this oft-searched topic, including how to:

* Specify catalog backup frequency
* Choose the catalog backup location
* Check catalog integrity
* Perform a catalog backup
* Restore a backup catalog

The Help also includes general recommendations for comprehensive backup strategy. And you can still read about how to back up photos during import.

In addition, I’ve elaborated on Lightroom’s capabilities with regard to sharing watermarked photos online, and creating web galleries with watermarked photos—two very different workflows.

To upload photos from Lightroom to a photo-sharing website such as Facebook, you need to export the photos and then either use the sharing site’s upload functionality, or use a third-party Lightroom plug-in to automate the process. You can apply a text watermark when you export photos from Lightroom, but again, you need a third-party plug-in to add a graphical watermark. See Specify metadata handling and Export plug-ins.

When creating an HTML or Flash web gallery, meanwhile, you use the Web module. You can add a text watermark based on IPTC metadata to photos in a web gallery, but again, you cannot customize the watermark unless you use a third-party plug-in. See Display a copyright watermark in web photo galleries.

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