Emailing photos from, and viewing GPS metadata in, Lightroom

I’ve recently discovered a couple of “sleeper” topics that customers search in Lightroom Community Help–topics that are frequently searched, yield middling results, and could definitely be better documented.

First: email. Lightroom offers a preset that automates the process of exporting JPEGs that are sized for sending via email: 640 x 480 pixels, sRGB, medium quality, 72ppi. The easiest way to use the preset is to select the photos for export and choose File > Export With Preset > For Email. Specify a location for the exported files, and you’re done.

Here’s a tutorial with more detail on how to do this on the Mac, including how to use a post-processing action to automatically create the email with the photos attached: Email photos directly from Lightroom (7:07), by Julieanne Kost on Adobe TV. Victoria Bampton has written a similar tutorial, Attach exported files to email (PDF), for Windows and Mac.

All of this is now documented at Exporting photos using presets.

Second: GPS. If your camera records GPS metadata, Lightroom can read the information and display it in an EXIF field in the Metadata panel. If your camera does not support GPS, there are a couple of ways you can get the information into Lightroom. First, you can use a geotagging device to capture GPS coordinates, and then use third-party software to merge that data with the photo before it’s imported. Alternatively, you can use Jeffrey Friedl’s GPS Support plug-in, which allows Lightroom to read data from a GPS device’s track log, or lets you directly “geoencode” a specific location.

Several great tutorials are available with more information about geotagging and Lightroom:

Lightroom Killer Tips’ GPS information video (3:31)
Geolocation and Lightroom, by Richard Earney
GPS metadata and linking to Google Earth, by Martin Evening (scroll past the “Extra tips for advanced users” and “Audio file playback” topics to get to the GPS topic)
A GPS for your digital camera, by Terry White (old, but still accurate)

This, too, is now all documented at View photo metadata.

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