Go directly to Lightroom Help

The default behavior in Lightroom 2 when you press F1 or choose Help > Lightroom Help is to go the Lightroom Help and Support page, a landing page with links to community content and a prominent Community Help search field. While there’s a lot of good content on this page, many customers would prefer to go directly to Adobe-written documentation, which is the behavior in CS5 applications. If you would prefer to go directly to the Lightroom documentation when you press F1, you can make that happen by doing the following:

1. Go to Using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2, the Lightroom online Help landing page.

2. Click the radio button at the bottom of the page: Help on the Web.

Now, when you choose F1 or choose Help > Lightroom Help from inside the application, you’ll go directly to Lightroom online Help. You can change the preference again at any time.

And remember, you can always get to Lightroom online Help from the Help and Support page by clicking the big Lightroom Online Help button to the lower-right of the search field.

One final tip: When you’re in Lightroom online Help, there’s a search field in the upper-right corner of the page. Check This Help System Only when you search to restrict the search to just the Adobe Lightroom documentation. You can always expand the search to Community Help on the results page by deselecting the option Show Only Content From Adobe.

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