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Better Lightroom 3 Beta Help

Good news: We’ve linked Lightroom 3 Beta web Help to the Adobe Community Help AIR viewer, our next-generation help app.

To test-drive it, go to Lightroom 3 Beta Community Help and click the Get More Help Features / Learn More link at the top of any page. Then, download the viewer following the onscreen instructions. (Or go straight to the download page.)

Once the AIR viewer is installed, it will automatically prompt you to download updates to Help when they become available. This way, you’ll always have the most up-to-date Help saved locally, available when you’re online or off.

We’ve also enabled commenting on the Lightroom 3 Beta web Help pages and in the AIR viewer. To comment in the viewer, open the Feedback & Rating panel on the lower-left side of the window.

Let us know your thoughts. Provide comments on the Help content in the AIR viewer; share observations about the AIR app in the Community Help forum; and discuss Lightroom 3 Beta features in the Photoshop Lightroom 3 Beta forum.