Lightroom 3 Help corrections posted

I spent some time this week reading the many comments that have been posted to Lightroom Community Help in the last few months, and I made many updates and corrections. Notably:

Display a copyright in web photo galleries now includes info on the Simple Copyright Watermark option. The option creates uses IPTC copyright metadata specified for the photo in the Library module, rather than a copyright created in the Watermark Editor.

New topic: Restore preferences to default settings.

Displaying the Library on a second monitor now explains that Lightroom does not color manage its windows on a second monitor.

Correct image perspective and lens flaws automatically: Many of you have observed that you don’t always see a supported lens profile in the Lens Correction panel. That’s because there are different profiles depending on whether you’re editing a raw or non-raw photo. The updated Help page explains this, and links to the lens profile support doc for more information.

View photo metadata now includes info on GPS support and Jeffrey Friedl’s plug-in.

Merge photos to HDR in Photoshop is updated for Photoshop CS5, and clarifies which versions of Photoshop and Camera Raw are required to merge HDR images from Lightroom.

Applying Develop adjustments to other photos has been corrected. As several of you noticed, you can’t apply Develop adjustments to other photos by pasting to multiple selected photos in the Filmstrip in the Develop module. You must switch to the Library module to do this.

Keep the feedback coming.

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