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How to make beautiful images in the Develop module

Product documentation often gets criticized because it describes feature functionality out of context. Understandably, customers also want good examples and tutorials that show how to use features and tools in inspiring ways. With Community Help, we try to provide that context along with our basic functional help.

So let me point you to some great content from photographer and author David DuChemin. David’s book, Vision & Voice: Refining your vision in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, explores how to creatively approach image editing—how to do more than just make the photo look better; how to think intentionally about the photo’s aesthetics—the mood and emotion you want to convey—and use software like Lightroom to express your creative voice.

David explains it far better than I do in this book excerpt on the Peachpit website: Vision & Voice: Refining Your Vision in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom — A Vision-Driven Workflow. He also provides some beautiful examples of how he applies his vision to three different photos, demonstrating in the process how to use a whole host of Develop module features and tools. I’ll be adding links to these tutorials in Lightroom Community Help soon, but don’t wait for me. Check them out yourself:

Note: In addition to linking to the book excerpt, I’ve linked to the Lightroom Community Help topic for the features and tools that David used.

The Blacksmith: In this photo of a blacksmith in Old Delhi, David draws the eye to grit and texture in the image using Exposure and Brightness sliders, adjusting the tone curve, applying a lens vignette, and using the Adjustment Brush tool.

Winnowing in Lamayuru: In this harvest scene captured in a high-altitude region of India, David brings out the clear blue the sky by removing spots and dust, adjusting the tonal scale using Basic panel sliders and the tone curve, applying a postcrop vignette, and using the Graduated Filter tool.

Bound: This is a photo of a woman praying at a shrine in Delhi. David brings the stark image to life by cropping and straightening it, applying an Auto tone adjustment, using a point curve preset, converting to black and white, applying a graduated filter, and creating a split-tone effect.

Upgrading PSE catalogs and error changing modules in Lightroom

We’re constantly creating and updating tech notes in our support knowledgebase. Here are two new docs on particularly hot topics.

First, if you’re trying to import a Photoshop Elements catalog into Lightroom and the File > Upgrade Photoshop Elements catalog is dimmed or unavailable, see Lightroom cannot upgrade Photoshop Elements catalogs (cpsid_85517). (If you’re not having trouble upgrading the catalog — you just want to know how to do it — see the Lightroom Help topic Import photos from Photoshop Elements.)

Second, if you’re working in Lightroom and you encounter the message, “An error occurred when attempting to change modules,” see Error changing modules occurs when opening Lightroom 3.x (cpsid_87699). We’ve posted a couple of solutions, but we’re still researching the issue. Please feel free to make comments on the doc explaining the circumstances that trigger the error for you (including your OS and specific version number). It will help us learn more about the problem.