Why is my photo requeued for Flickr upload? (and other common questions)

I updated Lightroom Community Help this week. Some of the questions you’ve recently asked (and I’ve just answered in the Help) include:

Q. Why has my photo been re-queued to publish to Flickr?

A. As many of you have observed, it doesn’t take much for Lightroom to move photos in to the Republish queue. Primarily, this is as-designed—any metadata change to a photo will queue it to be republished. But sometimes photos still unexpectedly get queued for republishing to Flickr. We’ve written an Adobe Support article on this issue, and I’ve linked to it from the Help topic Exporting using Publish Services. (Or, if you’re one of those people who need instant gratification, go directly to the article: Images unexpectedly return to the Republish section of Flickr publish service in Lightroom 3.x.)

Q. How does Lightroom determine what photos are duplicate?

A. Excellent question. So glad you asked. For the answer, see the Help topic Specify duplicate file handling when importing.

Q. Can Premiere Pro read metadata edits I make to video files in Lightroom?

A. Unfortunately, no. For more detail, see Work with video in Lightroom.

Q. Did you really remove the capability to export a slide show as JPEGs that was in Lightroom 2?

A. Surprise—no! A (previously) undocumented keyboard shortcut makes this feature available in Lightroom 3. See the tip at the end of the Help topic Export a slide show as PDF.

Q. How do I delete a custom copyright watermark?

A. I expanded the copyright watermark topic, now called Using the Watermark Editor, to include more information on how to manage and work with multiple saved watermarks, including how to delete them.

Q. I thought filters were sticky. What the heck happened in Lightroom 3?

A. The default behavior of filters applied to folders and collections changed from Lightroom 2 to Lightroom 3. Filters used to be sticky, now they’re not. However, you can simulate the old behavior. See Control filter behavior for a folder or a collection.

Finally, I added links to David DuChemin’s tutorials, which I blogged about a couple of weeks ago, to Applying adjustments in the Develop module: Basic workflow and Apply local adjustments.

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