Talk to Photoshop

You probably spend a fair bit of your day singing praises or shouting curses at Photoshop. Why not talk directly to the Photoshop team? Here are but a few of the ways you can give your feedback to Adobe:

  • The Photoshop Facebook page, with nearly two million followers, provides tips, tricks, and breaking news direct from the product team.
  • Product manager John Nack’s blog provides insights about the future direction of the product, and explanations about decisions past.
  • Product manager Jeff Tranberry’s Twitter feed tackles thorny troubleshooting issues.
  • Quora provides a compendium of common Photoshop questions and answers.
  • And the Adobe Photoshop forums provide a complete community of product experts, from engineers to evangelists.

2 Responses to Talk to Photoshop

  1. Ole Moller says:

    Anybody know if or when Adobe will release “Optional Plug-ins, Extensions and Presets for Photoshop CS6”
    like they did for CS5?
    I need Web Photo Gallery (Web Contact Sheet II) installed under File > Automate.