Lightroom 3.4 Help update

OK, OK, so I’m a few weeks late. Lightroom 3.4 shipped at the end of April, but just today I finally pushed a long-overdue update to Lightroom Help. Mostly, I incorporated links to community tutorials into relevant topics and corrected lots of minor inaccuracies (thanks for the comments—keep ‘em coming). But more significant updates are:

Turn Lightroom auto-launch on and off

Many of you have been asking, “How do I make Lightroom stop opening automatically when I plug in a camera or camera card?” The answer is: Turn off the import preference that regulates this function. The setting is covered in the Set import and file-handling preferences topic, but since so many people asked on the Import photos automatically page, I put a tip there, too.

View raw+JPEG images

Another common question: “Where are the JPEGs in my raw+JPEG workflow?” They’re in Lightroom, but you’ll only see them if your import preferences are set accordingly. This setting is also covered in the Set import and file-handling preferences topic, but since it’s buried, I explain it in a new topic, View raw+JPEG photos.

Export to Facebook, Flickr, and SmugMug

Update to Lightroom 3.4. Many bugs have been addressed. That’s the advice I give at the top of the Exporting using Publish Services topic. There. Now you don’t even have to read it.

Rearrange slides

Folks, this isn’t rocket science. You just have to choose a bottom-level folder or a collection in the Library module as the source for your slide show, and then drag to rearrange the slides in the Slideshow module. And drag from the center of the thumbnail, not the edge. See Rearrange slide order.

Turn off printer color management

Color management is a thorny topic, no doubt. And so is the Help topic Set print color management. Many of you have asked for instructions on that page for how to turn off color management in your printer driver software. It’s a valid question, but unfortunately, one Adobe cannot easily answer. You need to check your printer manufacturer documentation for info on turning off CMS in the driver.

One Response to Lightroom 3.4 Help update

  1. Louis says:

    Lightroom 3.4.1 can’t find the path to my storage hard drive, it reports the photos are missing, how do I get the program to refind them without reimporting the 27000 images?