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Keywords, troubleshooting, and other Adobe Bridge topics

I updated some woefully out-of-date Adobe Bridge support articles this week. If you’ve been looking for info on the following topics or issues for Bridge CS4 or CS5 (as opposed to for Bridge CS2 or CS3), check ‘em out:

Nested and hierarchal keywording | Adobe Bridge (kb402660)

Troubleshoot errors and freezes | Adobe Bridge | Windows, Mac OS (317912)

Manually remove Adobe Bridge (328358)

Manage the cache | Adobe Bridge CS4, CS5 (kb405357)

Camera Raw files appear as generic icons | Adobe Bridge (kb407945)

How to improve Lightroom performance

In response to a suggestion over at, we just published a new support document, “Optimize performance | Lightroom.”

For many years and versions, we’ve maintained a support doc on how to configure your system for optimal Photoshop performance, and a similar document for Lightroom is long overdue. Thanks to customer Chris Niestepski for starting the discussion and prompting us to create the doc.

Optimize performance | Lightroom” explores hardware configurations, Lightroom catalog and preview settings, and system maintenance tasks that can help Lightroom run at peak efficiently. Check it out and give us your feedback. Answer the question, “Was this helpful,” at the top of the article and share comments on how we can improve the content.