View selective panels in the import window

You learn something new every day, and I just learned a really useful tip from Jim Wilde in a thread over at Lightroom Forums.

As you probably know, you can work in one of two import windows in Lightroom: One is a relatively complex window in which you select the source photos, decide how to import, and then specify an array of import/destination options in panels on the right side of the window.

Or, you can click the Show Fewer Options button to work with just a bare minimum of import options.

But did you know that there’s a third way to work? In the full import window, you can use a keyboard shortcut to display only the import panels you want to see and hide the others from view. Right-click (Windows) or press Control+Command and then click (Mac OS) any of the panel headers on the right side of the window to open a context menu. You can show or hide all panels; expand or collapse them; select only those you want to view (the ones whose settings you always need to customize); or enter Solo Mode. You can use the keyboard shortcut on the Source panel on the left side of the window, too, but I tend to need to keep that panel open.

For more information, see the following Help topics:

There. Now you’ve learned something, too.

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