Lightroom 4 video tutorials

Lightroom 4 is shipping!  Here are some videos to get you going.

What’s New

In-depth look at the new Lightroom 4 features by Julieanne Kost:

The NAPP overview of Lightroom 4 new features:

Laura Shoe has a video overview of what is new.

Laura’s blog is sure to have more info coming.

Getting started with Lightroom or need a refresher?

In this series, Julieanne Kost takes you through in-depth tutorials to learn Lightroom 4.

The official Lightroom Help and Support page

Got a question? Try asking the Lightroom experts in the Lightroom forum.

2 Responses to Lightroom 4 video tutorials

  1. pat cxleary says:

    Excellent I am just learning how to import and organise my images

  2. Darren Dwyer says:

    Why cant I download a light room DVD tutorial and pay for the DVD to be sent out. I want to learn about it now and for the life of me, I can not find anyone who sells the tutorial in Geelong or Melbourne Australia. I am in hospital and want to use this time to learn this product then buy it but I cant bloody find it anywhere. why….help…I am going insane in hospital…been here for 1 month and 1 day ggggrrrr
    ps – I have issues with memory and concentration and cant learn from a book. it needs to be a dvd