Photoshop CS6: It’s the little things

By now, you’ve likely seenĀ the many big-ticket improvements in Photoshop CS6, from video, to 3D, to seamless image recomposing and beyond. But did you know that CS6 includes over sixty “Just Do It!” features?

These so-called JDI’s cover a range of small, yet key enhancements that Photoshop users have long clamored for. To complete common tasks quicker, give this overview a look.

2 Responses to Photoshop CS6: It’s the little things

  1. Maybe it’s time I finally upgrade from CS2 haha. This one looks pretty sweet.

  2. Mark Azo says:

    We’re still on CS4 but this screams an upgrade! Wow – just layer filtering alone would save so much time..