Photoshop CS6: Create interactive tutorials instantly

Tutorial Builder lets you quickly create tutorials that interact directly with Photoshop CS6 tools and commands. Your audience can view steps and control related Photoshop features either within the application itself, or from iPad tablets. (Tablet-based tutorials free up valuable screen real estate for images and workspaces.)

Watch an overview video and download Tutorial Builder.

4 Responses to Photoshop CS6: Create interactive tutorials instantly

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  2. Karan Menon says:

    Great tutorial 🙂

  3. Shane Leftridge says:

    Both downloads for CS5 and CS6 failed to open extension manager on my desktop (Mac) and laptop (Mac Book Pro). I have CS5 and 6 and in both cases the downloads caused extension manager to crash. The download for Adobe Air opened a webpage with code rather than a file. This may be a browser problem–though I am using the latest edition of Safari.

    –S. Leftridge
    Graphic Design student at NMSU

  4. Adding support for Ipad was a cool and smart idea, however what about the other tablets? Will it work them as well? Thanks