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Creating a photo calendar

Robert Rodriquez Jr. is a landscape and nature photographer based in New York’s Hudson Valley. Robert is also a great teacher and shares his passion and expertise in his Beyond the Lens blog.

In this post, How I Make and Sell My Yearly Photo CalendarRobert shows how he created his 2014 calendar using Lightroom, Photoshop and InDesign.


New Lightroom 5 video tutorials

Looking for Lightroom 5 tutorials?  We’ve assembled a collection of over 70 video tutorials to help you get started and learn fundamental tasks and concepts. The videos are made available from courses at Infinite Skills,, Kelby Training, and Adobe Press. Visit these video training providers for complete courses on Lightroom 5.

The following videos were recently added to the show.

The Book Module
How to generate smart previews
Applying more flexible and precise retouching
Introducing the Radial filter
Creating custom page templates
Building a slideshow with still images and video files
Customizing the grid and guide overlays
Advanced Healing Brush and Visualization tool
Smart Previews in Lightroom 5
Automatically leveling your photographs with Upright
Lens corrections in Lightroom 5
Placing photos into books
Page Layout freedom
Converting to Black and White
Applying changes to other photos
Edit in Photoshop
Sharing photos to Facebook
Creating a slideshow
Exporting images
Library module workspace
File renaming options
Printing photos
Portrait touch up in Lightroom 5
Working with panels and Lights Out
Managing and using plugins in Lightroom
Modifying black-and-white tones with the Grayscale panel

New Photoshop CC video tutorials

You can find hundreds of Photoshop videos on Adobe TV. Check out the 70 recently added videos on Learn Photoshop CC. These videos are made available from the following video tutorial training companies.

  • Infinite Skills
  • Train Simple
  • Peachpit press
  • Kelby Training

Enjoy these videos on Adobe TV, and then go to the video providers’ web sites for complete courses on
Photoshop CC.

Working with tabbed documents
Using Undo and the History panel
Introducing adjustment layers
Improving tonal quality with Levels
Increasing midtone contrast with Curves
Shifting colors with Hue/Saturation
Converting color to black and white
Creating traditional darkroom toning effects
Controlling which layers are affected by an adjustment layer
Using fill layers to create a hand-painted look
Using a gradient fill to add a color wash
Swapping heads in a family portrait
Creating a soft glow with the Gaussian Blur filter
Making an average photo great
A quick portrait retouching technique using Clarify
Easy sepia and split tones
Using Image Processor to batch process multiple files
Correcting a tilted horizon line with the Straighten tool
Cropping and straightening your photos
Customizing the Bridge workspace
The relationship between pixels and image sizing
Resizing an image to a smaller size
Building and editing a mask
Removing a person from the background with masking
Sharpening and perfecting your photos with Smart Sharpen
Removing skin blemishes with the healing brushes
Using Content-Aware Fill to remove distractions
Correcting exposure with the Basic panel
Working with multiple files
Opening an image as a Smart Object
Using the White Balance tool and controls
Demystifying Clarity
A sharpening and noise reduction workflow
Layers panel explained
Aligning images within multiple layers
Reducing chaos with layer groups
Backgrounds and layers
Merging layer techniques
Essential selections
Basic selection techniques
The Magic Wand and Quick selection tools
Working with Refine Edge
Understanding layer styles
Generating a flexible drop shadow
The basics of blend modes
Smart filters and the filter gallery
Controlling a filter’s opacity
Creative use of the high pass filter
Creative uses for Liquify
Screen Modes
Preferences Overview
Non-destructive Crops
Crop to Add Canvas
Understanding Canvas Size
Play an Action
Recording Actions
Creating a Paragraph Style
Vector Shape Tools
Draw and Align Shapes
Combine Shapes
Cropping and Merging Shapes
Cropping and Straightening an image in Photoshop CC
Rulers Grids and Guides in Photoshop CC
RGB vs. CMYK in Photoshop CC
Saving images for the web in Photoshop CC
Color settings in Photoshop CC
Lightening and Darkening image areas with Dodge and Burn in Photoshop CC
Cropping to Ratios, fixed sizes and resolution in Photoshop CC
Reading a histogram and using the info panel in Photoshop CC
Vanishing point in Photoshop CC
Using blur to call focus or create a special effect in Photoshop CC