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Play the game and learn Photoshop

For you Level Up for Photoshop fans, we have new missions for you to work your way through a poster design.

If you haven’t tried Level Up for Photoshop, here is your chance to join the fun. Play right in Photoshop and learn basic Photoshop skills as you earn points and badges.

Learn more at Level Up for Photoshop.


Getting started with Camera Raw

Learn Camera Raw with Howard Pinsky. This new set of video tutorials explain the advantages of shooting raw format in your camera and how to use Photoshop Camera Raw as the starting point for all your photo edits.

How to make non-destructive edits using Camera Raw


Learn more about Photoshop and Camera Raw on Adobe TV – Learn Photoshop CC.  See Howard’s blog for more Photoshop tutorials.


Getting Started with Lightroom 5

If you are new to Lightroom and want a quick start, here is a new set of video tutorials by George Jardine. Included are tutorial files that you can download and use to follow along.

How to manage all your photos with Lightroom

start_lightroom_hero 2

For more Lightroom tutorials on Adobe TV, see Learn Lightroom 5.  See George’s blog for Lightroom insights and full training courses.