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Photoshop JDIs

The Photoshop team is always working on major new features that extend our imaging capabilities. Along with these new features, we get smaller enhancements (called JDIs at Adobe). In this video, Matthew Pizzi from Train Simple explains some of the smaller updates in the latest version of Photoshop CC.

Photoshop CC JDIs


For a list of the latest Photoshop JDIs, see John Nack’s blog.

Linked Smart Objects – Photoshop 14.2 new feature

Linked Smart Objects are a game changer as Infinite Skills instructor Andy Anderson explains in this video. Follow along, if you like, using the provided sample files.

How to link Smart Objects in Photoshop


Perspective Warp – Photoshop 14.2 new feature

Change the apparent viewpoint of where you took an image with the new Perspective Warp feature. Watch this video by Infinite Skills instructor Andy Anderson and follow along using the sample file.

How to adjust perspective in a photo

Perspective Warp grid